Oval fingernail shapes.


These nails are a consistent oval all the way around with a softly curved, blunt tip. For those looking to maintain long, natural looking nails, look no further than the oval. This shape is highly durable and creates a softer, more natural look than other styles. They aren’t likely to break off during your daily activities making them easy and almost effortless.

Highlights of oval nails

  • A simple, natural style
  • Harder to break
  • Universally flattering
  • A top choice for long nails

Round fingernails


These are shorter nails with a consistent circular shape all the way around. Round nails are the choice for anyone who needs to elongate their fingers but doesn’t want to maintain a longer manicure. Choose this shape if you have short or wide fingers and want a beautiful, no-nonsense style.

Highlights of round nails

  • A very flattering shape
  • Perfect for shorter nails
  • Simple and not flashy
  • Strong and durable

Long stiletto fingernails.


Stiletto nails are long with a very sharp point. While not the most practical choice in manicure, this shape is daring and glamorous. Keep in mind that these nails will really only work with non-natural nails and are prone to breakage. That being said, this style gets top marks as the most eye-catching and flattering of all nail shapes.

Highlights of stiletto nails

  • Attention-getting style
  • Slenderizes and elongates
  • Special event perfection

Whether you are trying to elongate your fingers, make a statement, keep your edge, or maintain a classic style, the perfect nail shape for you is out there. Choose wisely and you will always be happy with your manicure.