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What Is Microblading?

If you are someone who has thin eyebrows and sparse brow hair then you should consider getting a semi-permanent solution. But what is microblading? Microblading is a procedure that many women do love. It is a simple process in which the artist will tattoo on your eyebrows per your will and their suggestions. If you

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How To Get The Perfect Winged Eyeliner Look

A perfect classy look is not complete without the elegant winged eyeliner. The look is incredibly popular today, as it was in its inception in Ancient Egypt. The queen Cleopatra was often depicted sporting this flattering makeup; she popularized the look even though she did not invent it. Ancient Egyptians believed that applying cat eye,

How to Apply Brow Gel to Achieve the Perfect Look

A part of a beauty and grooming routine is keeping your brows smooth, stylish and shapely. There are many grooming techniques you can apply to your brows – from threading to plucking to microblading – but these require a lot of time and maintenance, and in some cases, a lot of money. When it comes to
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