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Highlighter 101: How to Apply Highlighter

Every woman loves a good highlighter on her face. It doesn’t matter if it is a subtle or extreme edition, this is possibly a must-have item in your everyday makeup routine. If you are a makeup lover, and a highlighter hoarder, you can learn how to apply highlighter the right way in just a few

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How to Get Longer Eyelashes

We put our lashes through a lot. From extensions to falsies to coats upon coats of mascara; we tend to run them down. After all the abuse they get, it’s no wonder that everyone’s always seeking out the next big product to help grow their lashes. While there are plenty of eyelash growth serums

11 Weird Beauty Trends We DON’T Want to Try

We’re all about trying new trends and experimenting with our style, but sometimes we have to draw the line. Things are going a little bit too out there for our liking. With the help of the internet, in the last few years there has been surge in bizarre beauty trends from the caviar facial
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