Which Type of Eyeliner Is Best for You?

Which Type of Eyeliner Is Best for You?

A Type of Eyeliner for Every Situation

Eye liner is an essential makeup item for all women. Mascara is important, and eye shadow can make you look super glamorous, but what is a pair of made up eyes without eyeliner?

The problem is that there are a lot of options to choose from when looking for a quality eyeliner. In addition, you’ll have several considerations to make in terms of brand and price. In the end, finding an eyeliner that fits your needs is easy if you know about each one. This will make your final decision much easier.

The Types of Eyeliner

As stated, they are a number of different eyeliners that you can choose from, and eyeliners of all sorts can be found at pharmacies, makeup stores, department stores with cosmetics counters and online.

Keep in mind that prices will range from extremely cheap to extremely expensive when it comes to eyeliner. Much of how much you paid for an individual eyeliner will have to do with the quality of the product, but often when it comes to outrageously expensive brands, you’ll overpay for a product. On the flip side, some lower priced liners won’t work very well, and in that case, what you pay for is what you get. Reading reviews of the best brands can help you make an educated choice.

What Type of Eyeliner Should You Buy?

Here are some tips on what the different types of eyeliners can do for specific looks and skin types.

1. Powder eyeliner is great for oily skin.

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If you tend to have oily skin, choose a powder eyeliner because this will absorb the natural oils created by your skin. In addition, this liner will be less likely to crease and smudge.

One thing to remember about this type of liner is that it isn’t going to be as bold as other types of liner. In some cases, this is okay, and the lighter, more feminine is actually better.

2. Pencil liner is great when you’re on the go.

Likely the most commonly used eyeliner is pencil. This type of the eyeliner goes on extremely smooth like a marker, so you might need to purchase a sharpener to keep it on point.

Pencil liners go on easy and are virtually mistake proof, but they often smudge off throughout the day if they aren’t waterproof. They’re great for when you’re on the go or to have in your purse.

3. If you want a serious, bold look, opt for liquid liner.

Liquid liner is great when you want to create a cat eye. Additionally, if you’re looking for a strong, bold look for your eyes with dark liner and shadow, you really should have this type of liner.

One thing to remember about this type of eyeliner is that it can be tricky to put on because it’s so dark and bold. Watch some tutorials online to get the hang of it, and remember that you should always have Q-tips on hand for accidents and smudges. If you can, find in a liquid eyeliner that has a thin applicator so that you’re less likely to make big mistakes.

Lastly, when it comes to color, black looks good on almost everyone, and dark brown can also look nice and a little less bold than black. Brown eyeliner is good for during the day, for example. There are other colors of eyeliner to choose from as well, including purple, green and blue. But all in all, black is the best choice if you can only choose one.

So head out and find a black liner in any variety and see what it can do for your look!