A shampoo and conditioner bottle against a pink background.

How Horse Shampoo Can Enhance Your Mane

Does Horse Shampoo Grow Your Hair?

You have probably heard that horse shampoo does miracles when used for a longer period. A couple of years back, horse shampoo and horse conditioners became popular, and now they are used for hair growth and strengthening. However, does horse shampoo grow your hair? Does it provide shine and softness, or is it just like […]

woman holding a hair brush in one hand and strands of loose hair in the other
A woman holding two different shampoos.
Short bob fall hair style
A woman looking at her hair
Someone standing in front of a pink background with pink hair.
A spray bottle with smome beach flowers, white shells and a brown comb.
A jar of lemon and honey scalp scrub.
Someone who has blonde, dry, damaged hair.