Woman shopping for shampoo using tips on how to choose a shampoo.

A Guide to Choosing Shampoo for Your Hair Type and Needs

How to Choose a Shampoo

Knowing how to choose a shampoo is the foundation of healthy hair and is the key to simple styling. Don’t let endless shampoo choices make you pull your hair out! Simply identify your hair type, and look for the scientifically formulated ingredients that correspond to those needs. Most shampoos identify on the label what […]

Short bob fall hair style
A woman looking at her hair
Someone standing in front of a pink background with pink hair.
A spray bottle with smome beach flowers, white shells and a brown comb.
A jar of lemon and honey scalp scrub.
Someone who has blonde, dry, damaged hair.
A girl with brown curly hair smiling in front of a brown/grey background.
Someone washing their hair.