Someone standing in front of a pink background with pink hair.

Wear Your Color Boldly – Use Color Treatment Shampoo

What Is the Best Shampoo for Color Treated Hair?

Having your hair colored and maintaining that same color can be a challenge for most women. We often do not want to spend a fortune by going to a hairstylist, which is why we tend to DIY this process at home. However, when it comes to its maintenance, as well as upkeep, it is crucial […]

A spray bottle with smome beach flowers, white shells and a brown comb.
A jar of lemon and honey scalp scrub.
Someone who has blonde, dry, damaged hair.
A girl with brown curly hair smiling in front of a brown/grey background.
Someone washing their hair.
Someone stripping hair color.
Clip-in hair extensions are often used to add volume to hair.
Someone cutting their own bangs.