This woman knows which shade of red lipstick makes an impact.

Find Your Perfect Red Lipstick

Choosing the Perfect Shade of Red Lipstick

Red lipstick is a classic. With so many shades of red available, you can look like an alluring vintage vixen or a modern babe. But how do you know which shade of red lipstick suits you best?

Push your allure up several notches with a perfect tube of red lipstick in a shade that flatters your skin color. Glossy or matte, find your perfect red by reading our comprehensive guidelines to the classic shade.

The Many Tones of Red

Red is a primary color, but in cosmetics there are countless varieties of the shade. Red can be very bold, or it can be lighter, and even subtle. Some women like a touch of orange in their red lipstick, though today there is also a trend towards very dark, vampy red that’s very striking.

How does a woman know which shade of red lipstick is hers, from the endless color selection available on makeup counters today? The first thing you need to do is analyze your natural coloring to see what shades complement your hair and skin color best.

Cool or Warm Skin Tones?

Generally, most people have “cool” or “warm” skin tones. In simple terms, cool skin tones have a pink base and warm skin tones have a yellow base. If your veins look green and you suit gold jewelry, your undertones are probably warm. If your veins look blue and you look better in silver, you’re probably cool.

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Lipsticks come in warm and cool undertones, too. A red lipstick with cool undertones leans pinker, or has a ‘blue’ base. These are your cherry and cranberry reds. Warm reds are often brown or orange-leaning. Think fire engine red, or deeper chili-based reds.

Women with warm skin color will look fantastic in orangey reds, while a cooler toned woman should choose a rose red.

Now keep in mind, these are guidelines, and not strict rules! If you have cool undertones but just love your deep burnt orange lipstick, don’t let us tell you what to do!

Show off That Red Mouth

To really wear red lipstick beautifully, make your mouth the central focus of the face. To show off those gorgeous lips in their full glory, tone down the other makeup, keeping the face neutral by toning down any red in the skin with a good concealer, and a matte finish foundation.

Keep your eye makeup basic, with a simple contoured eyeshadow look and lots of mascara. Stay away from colorful eye shadows to keep the focus solely on those gorgeously made-up lips.


Texture or finish is the other thing to consider when choosing a red lipstick. If you’re looking for a red lipstick that lasts all day, pick a matte or long-wearing formula. To make an impact, choose a rich high-gloss formula. Mix and match and play with various styles to see which one suits you best.

Remember, the more attention you draw to your lips, the simpler you want the rest of your makeup to be.

Ultimately, choosing a beautiful lipstick is all about enhancing your personal style and look. Whether your favorite lipstick is an orange red or a rose, the one you choose should make you look as gorgeous as can be.