Makeup containers waiting to be recycled.

How to Recycle Makeup Containers in Eco-friendly Ways

How to Recycle and Dispose of Makeup Containers

When you have an extensive makeup collection, it is easy to acquire plenty of containers and packaging. Therefore, it is important to know how to recycle and dispose of makeup containers. Different types of makeup containers include: Mascara tubes and wands Empty eyeshadow pallets Mist sprayers Plastic bottles Lipstick tubes Deodorant bottles Perfume bottles Skin […]

Blush made out of sustainable products.
black woman applying mascara in a mirror
woman is showing smokey eyes style make up
makeup products to even skin tone and complexion on aged paper
natural tone makeup on white background with pink florals
mature woman applying makeup with a beauty sponge
woman applying liquid concealer under eye
a woman applying black liquid eyeliner