A bottle of BB cream and cotton makeup pads against a peach background.

How to Make the Most Out of BB Cream

What is BB Cream Used For?

Are you a fan of lightweight, natural makeup? Do you prefer low-coverage products instead of high-pigmented foundations? If so, you will enjoy using a BB cream on an everyday basis! What is BB cream used for? Well, it is the perfect base product that will not cause breakouts, irritation, or dryness. Keep on reading and […]

Perfume, makeup brushes and foundation against a pink background.
Black fake eyelashes against white cotton pads.
A girl with blonde hair wearing pink eyeshadow and orange lipstick.
A girl standing in front of a yellow background wearing fake freckles.
An African American woman standing in front of a yellow background wearing liquid eyeshadow.
Someone with filled in eyebrows.
Someone wearing eybrow tint.
Someone wearing lip gloss.