A photo of beachwear items, including a sun hat, sunglasses, the edge of a towel, the edge of a zippered bag, three seashells, and two bottles. One bottle is a yellow opaque and the second is a transparent yellow with clear liquid inside.
Skin and Body3 DIY Recipes for Making Your Own Tanning Oil
Chichi OgweJuly 14, 2021
Want to look like you’ve been on a sunny vacation without ever leaving the country or even your house? Try these DIY tanning oil recipes.
A photo of a pipette laying on it's side with retinol serum pooling around the tip.
Skin and BodyDo You Struggle With Acne? Retinol Cream May Be Your Answer
Ajla SuceskaJune 24, 2021
Are you someone who struggles with acne, pimples, or breakouts of any sort? Retinol cream may be your answer to getting rid of that acne!
A close up photo of a person's eye and eye lashes wearing mascara
Makeup8 Lengthening Mascaras You’ll Want to Add to Your Makeup Collection
Chichi OgweJune 17, 2021
Everyone loves a good mascara, but not everyone has time for extensions or fake lashes. Here's why you should try lengthening mascara!

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Wax on a popsicle stick.
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