Someone wearing eybrow tint.
Makeup Eyebrow Tinting: A Way to Color Eyebrows
Ajla Suceska February 26, 2020
Do you want to lighten, darken or make your eyebrows thicker? You should consider eyebrow tinting. Here you will learn about how to tint eyebrows.
Someone stripping hair color.
Hair Care Get Back to the Basics by Stripping Your Hair Color
Ajla Suceska February 20, 2020
If you are tired of hair dye and bleach and want to get your hair back to its natural color, we have a solution. Here is how to strip hair color.
Clip-in hair extensions are often used to add volume to hair.
Hair Care Amp Up Your Hair Game With Clip-In Hair Extensions
Ajla Suceska February 13, 2020
People often use hair extensions to give their hair extra volume or a splash of color. Check out what the best clip-in hair extensions are and change up your hair.

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Someone dying their hair.
It is important to know how to pluck your eyebrows as they frame your face.
Someone wearing lip gloss.
Someone wearing eyelash extensions.
Someone cutting their own bangs.
Somone is getting a jade facial roller treatment.

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