Sugaring vs Waxing

The Pros and Cons of Each Hair Removal Method

Summer is just around the corner which means that it is time to remove any unnecessary hair. Shaving and bleaching aren’t your only hair removal methods though so if you’re looking for a new hair-free solution you should try sugaring or waxing. These options may be a bit more aggressive but they are also a lot more effective in the long run. There is often some confusion about the differences between sugaring vs waxing but there are some interesting differences between the two.

What Is Waxing?

Waxing is a hair removal method which uses waxes that are made out of resins and tree products. You can use either hard or soft wax and it can be done at the home or at a salon. Hard wax is applied and removed by gripping the edges with your fingers. Soft wax coats a strip that you will apply over the hair to remove.

If you are looking for a long-lasting option, waxing is a good choice as it can last up to two weeks.

What Is Sugaring?

Coming all the way from Western Asia, sugaring was invented in Persia. Originating decades ago, it’s still a popular hair removal method. This is because it’s safe, natural, and can be done at home. You can make the sugaring paste by mixing some lemon, water, essential oils, honey, and sugar while melting them on a medium heat. After it cools down you can use it on your skin and remove your hair. Just like waxing, it can last up to two weeks. You can also do it every seven days since it doesn’t pull the skin as harshly as waxing does, meaning it won’t leave your skin irritated or red.

Sugaring vs Waxing

If you are someone who has allergies sugaring paste might be a better option for you since it is completely natural. Wax has a lot more chemicals and some ingredients that you might find too harsh on your skin.

When it comes to the sticky residue, sugar paste can be removed with water, while wax demands oil. If you are on a lookout for a less messy method, sugar is a better choice.  Also, keep this in mind if you are going to the salon to get a body wax as it can get a little too messy and you might not have the ability to clean it all up before you get to your house.

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Their price is almost the same if you try to do it on your own at home since these pastes are not that expensive nor difficult to make. However, sugaring can be a bit more expensive when done at the salon. For instance, a full body wax in California is $300, while sugaring is $350.

This might be a deal breaker for some women, especially those who do not tolerate pain well.

Know that sugar cannot stick to live skin cells, which means that it isn’t harsh on your skin and that it cannot pull it hard. This means that you won’t cause traumas to your skin and that you will, also, remove the dead skin cells, which will leave you exfoliated and smooth!

On the other hand, wax can adhere to your live skin cells which will make them irritated and red. Also, you cannot apply wax on the same area for more than two times, while you can do this with sugar.

Where to Use What

Your body is very sensitive, especially around your chest, bikini zone, upper lip, and genitals. All of these parts should be sugared and not waxed.

However, you know your limits and your body the best, therefore you decide which part needs what. You should definitely see a professional if this is your first time trying out any of these two methods.

Waxing Technique

You should always wax your hair once it is at least 1/2 inches in length. You need to use wax with caution since it is warm and might burn your skin. It is applied in the direction of your hair growth and pulled against the growth.

Sugaring Technique

When you use the sugaring paste make sure you apply it in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Then, apply any strip of cloth over it and pull in the same direction as your hair grows. This movement means that you are not pulling on your skin as hard as you would with wax.