How to choose blush is essential for getting a bright healthy flush to your face.

Find the Right Blush for Your Skin Tone

Fake That Healthy Flush with the Right Blush for Your Skin Tone

We spend ages and countless products on trying to even out our skin tone. From primers, to colour correctors to foundations; we’re desperately trying to counteract any redness or cover up any blemishes.
Once we’ve succeeded however, we all love to put some colour back into our lives; and blush has always worked wonders. There’s nothing quite like finding that perfect blush that leaves you with naturally flushed-looking cheeks.
Blush gives your look a dose of youthfulness and vibrancy. That is why it’s imperative to make sure you’re using the right one. A few shades too red can always be disastrous.
We’ve put together this guide showing how to choose blush that’s perfect for you and how to apply it—so, keep reading!

Blush Formulas

Blushes can actually come in many forms, so you should start by figuring out which formula works best with your routine. If you prefer to avoid powder products and want a more natural look, then you’ll absolutely love cream or soufflé blushes. Just dip your finger into one of these and gently pat it into your cheeks and you’ll get a natural weightless effect.
If you’re after a strong punch of color, then it’s all about the stick blushes for you! A blush in stick form can just be swiped onto your cheeks to give you the most intense dose of color. Don’t be too scared though, they can also lightly be tapped in and sheered out for a more natural finish.
Lastly but certainly not least, the classic powder blush. These will always be staples in our makeup collection. A simple blush can work wonders if used the right way. Especially if you’re using the right one, which brings us to the next point…

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Complexion is Key

You might think that you only need to match your foundation to your skin color, but the truth is that the same rules apply to blush! It’s an absolute must for you to figure out where you fall on the complexion spectrum and figure out the blush options for you. How about we break it down for you?

Fair Skin

The lighter the skin, the harder it can get. There are so many options out there but on your fair skin they may seem overpowering and leave you with clown-face! That’s why you should stick to colors that are going to give your cheeks a natural flush.
Your best options are going to be baby pinks. Baby pink works beautifully on fair skin to give you a flush-from-within look. They work amazingly with every look too! But, if you’re not that into pinks then you can also get away with light corals or peaches—just make sure that they’re very light and not too overpowering.

Light to Medium Skin

For medium skin you can get away with deeper tones. One of the most beautiful shades on light to medium skin is mauve tones. Warm mauves can look really beautiful on lighter to medium skin tones to give you a natural look but can also be built up for a bold blush look that is extremely flattering.
Another gorgeous tone for you to build up to a bold look can be deep peaches. Deep peach colours will really compliment your skin tone and give you a beautiful pop of color!

Dark Skin

A lot of darker skin toned ladies feel discouraged when it comes to blush and find that the market really caters to lighter skin tones. The truth is you’re actually super lucky to have the skin you have when it comes to blush! Darker skin tones can get away with the most gorgeous colours that would always look like too much on lighter skin.
First of all, you need a deep fuchsia in your collection! Deep fuchsia really gives darker skin tones a gorgeous pink flush that can either look natural or really bold.
If you want the most natural option then a warm brown is your best call. Deep brown shades will just give your skin the colour it needs after applying your base, but it will also look extremely natural.
For the bold-loving girl, you are going to love a deep tangerine colour. Dark oranges are such gorgeous bold blushes that can only be pulled off on darker skin tones. These look so playful and cute matched with a bold red lip!