BB cushion on a pink background with sponge and puff

How to Clean Your BB Cushion Sponge in Seven Simple Steps

How to Clean Your BB Cushion Sponge

Just like using a beauty blender, using a BB cushion sponge is a great way to apply the base of your makeup look, such as foundation, BB cream or CC cream, or concealer. It’s more effective compared to using your fingers – which, to be honest, isn’t the best technique – and using a brush doesn’t always blend in the product.

With a BB cushion sponge, you can gently apply your base to blend into your complexion for an even and natural look. You can even use a BB cushion sponge to dab on pops of color or luminous shades, such as a cheek tint, liquid blush or highlighter.

Just like using makeup brushes and beauty blenders, a BB cushion sponge needs care and maintenance to keep it lasting long. It needs to be washed and cleaned regularly. After all, using a dirty makeup tool won’t do wonders for your makeup look, and washing and cleaning your BB cushion sponge as often as possible can extend the ‘lifetime’ of the product.

Washing and cleaning a BB cushion sponge may seem like a time-consuming and exhausting task. But by following our top tips and step by step guide to help clean your BB cushion sponge – like an absolute pro.

The How-to For a Clean BB Cushion Sponge

To clean your BB cushion sponge, you will need:

  • A sink or a bowl of water
  • A small cup of warm water
  • A makeup cleanser (e.g. micellar water)
  • A washing product (e.g. face wash, body wash, shower gel, etc.)
  • Hand or paper towel
  • A small sandwich bag

Step 1

Add the BB cushion sponge into the sandwich bag and add micellar cleansing water.

Step 2

Secure the sandwich bag and mix and melt the cleanser into the BB cushion sponge.

Step 3

Open the sandwich bag and add a cup of warm water. Secure the bag again and wash out the BB cushion sponge.

Take your time with this step because a BB cushion sponge can accumulate a lot of BB cream, CC cream, foundation, and concealer every time it’s used, even over a short period of time. So while washing and cleaning your sponge, expect a lot of product to be released.

Step 4

Take the BB cushion sponge out of the sandwich bag and pour the liquid away.

Step 5

This step will help to get your BB cushion sponge extra clean. Get a bowl of water and a cleansing/washing product of your choice, such as a face wash.

You can use a specific BB cushion sponge cleanser, such as the Beautyblender Solid Cleanser, which is specifically designed for cleaning beauty blenders and cushion sponges.

Apply a drop of the face wash to the BB cushion sponge and mix into it. Then place into the bowl of water and rinse out.

Step 6

When you’ve finished, remove the BB cushion sponge from the bowl and squeeze out excess water. Use your towel to help remove and absorb extra water.

Step 7

Leave your BB cushion sponge to air dry. Once it’s dry, then you’re done!

Another Way to Achieve a Clean BB Cushion Sponge

With this quick and easy alternative method, you just need a warm bowl of water and a washing product that you normally use for your body, such as a shower gel, body wash, shampoo or conditioner. Don’t use an ordinary soap bar otherwise, this will dry out the sponge. You’ll also need a towel.

  1. Start off by filling the bowl with warm or lukewarm water.
  2. Then add the body wash to the warm bowl of water and mix in.
  3. Add the BB cushion sponge to the bowl and leave to soak of a little while.
  4. Apply the body wash directly to the BB cushion sponge and massage into it.
  5. Squeeze and soak the cushion sponge into the warm bowl of water and wash gently but thoroughly until it’s clean.
  6. Squeeze out excess water and place on a towel to dry.

And there you have it! Two straightforward methods to help you clean your BB cushion sponge. As long as you follow these steps regularly, you’ll be able to master these instructions and you’ll be able to keep your BB cushion sponge clean and ready for use!