Woman wearing glitter makeup.

Your Go-To Guide for Glitter Makeup

Glitter Makeup is Fun and Fabulous

The holiday season isn’t over yet, because we are waiting for New Year’s Eve! We personally love using a bit of glitter all year round, but now we have the perfect excuse to pack it on!

Glitter can elevate absolutely any look, and instantly take you from drab to fab. Sorry, all the glitter has us talking like RuPaul, and we love it! While glitter can be that one thing that makes your eyes pop, it is also one of the trickiest products to use.

Perfecting your glitter application can be near impossible. Somehow, you always end up with it all over your vanity, and all over your face! We’re here to save you from looking like a disco ball and help make sure you keep your glitter in check.

Glue is Your Savior

Try as you might, no matter how precise your application is, you will never succeed without this must-have tool. Investing in a great glitter glue is the first step to achieving glitter goals!

There are plenty of glitter glues on the market from NYX’s most affordable one to Too Faced’s; the options are endless. A glitter glue is what you’re going to pat down wherever you plan to apply glitter.

You’d be surprised how much glitter glue can save you. You know those complex face glitter looks you see that seem impossible? With glitter glue, all you have to do is draw on your desired shape with the glue, and pour glitter onto it. The glitter will only stick to wherever you put glue.

Precision Brushes

Promise us you will never leave your glitter application to your trusty pinky finger. This never works! Unfortunately, fingers just lack the small detail a precision a brush can give!

If you’re not looking to invest in makeup brushes, then pop into your closest stationary store. Paint brushes can work as well. They also come in tons of sizes so just pick the thinnest brushes you can to help you out.

Another glitter tool you could use is one you probably already own. You know those strange sponge applicators that come with every drugstore eyeshadow? We usually toss them out, but they can work perfectly for glitter application!

Less is More

Now, this age-old piece of advice actually works in two ways when it comes to glitter. First of all, the most obvious is to avoid going overboard. The inner child in us all seems to come out the second we come in contact with glitter. Once we see how beautifully the light hits it, suddenly we’re pouring it on all over.

With glitter, less really is more. A light brush of it across your cheekbones is really all it takes to leave you glowing and gorgeous! Less is more also holds true when it comes to application! If you’re going for an intense, dramatic glitter look then take things slowly.

Don’t start by piling on the glitter, start with a very light layer and slowly build it up. Glitter is one of those things that is impossible to tone down. Once you’ve applied too much, you’re kind of stuck!

Our Go-To Glitter Looks

The options really are endless with glitter, and we fully encourage you to play around and figure out what works best for you. If you are looking for some inspiration, then here are our top two favorite ways to incorporate glitter into your look.

Cut Crease

Instagram makeup artists seem to swear by this trend for almost every look. Personally, we love trying a cut crease when it’s filled with glitter!

If you’re unfamiliar with the trend, a cut crease is simple: it’s when you start applying a darker shade into your crease. Instead of blending it down into your lid, take your lighter color and sharply cut a line across your crease to distinctly separate the two.

In this case, you’re going to want to blend in your darker color from your crease upwards. Then, take your glitter glue with a very precise brush and draw a sharp line through the crease. Here, you can either stick the glitter onto the line to form a glitter line across your crease, or you can fill your lid entirely with glitter!

Glitter Liner

If you’re looking for a subtle way to throw some glitter into your look, then this option is for you. Instead of going all out, just stick to your typical smoky eye, or whatever look you prefer. Just go about things as you normally would.

Then, to finish the look off simply line your lash line with glitter. This will add an instant pop to your look without going over the top. We also love how much this makes our lashes stand out!