Someone wearing lip gloss.

What are the Best Lip Glosses?

Get the Good Lip Gloss

Using a lip gloss is simple and easy. It is perfect for any woman no matter her age or lip shape. A lip gloss gives you shine, allows you to experiment with different colors and textures, and is beginner-friendly. Here you will learn about the best lip glosses and what attributes make for a good lip gloss!

What is Lip Gloss?

Lip gloss is a makeup item that slides onto your lips when you apply it. It is for women who love that shiny, glossy, as well as healthy looking, juicy lip. A lip gloss is usually made with beeswax, butter or oils. It has a sticky texture and is a must-have item during the winter season.

When to Use It

Use your lip gloss whenever you feel the need to moisturize your lips or to give yourself a transformation. Lip gloss is the second best thing right after lip balm in terms of hydration, moisture and protection. You can use your lip gloss whenever you feel like it, or when you are trying to add more shine to your lips.

How to Apply Lip Gloss

The best way to apply a lip gloss is to first outline your lips with a lip liner. Use a color that is a bit darker than your lip gloss. Then, make slow and precise motions so that you get defined and properly outlined lips. You can apply any matte lipstick in the middle, or you can go straight in with a lip gloss. The choice is entirely up to you. As you apply your lip gloss, add it to the middle portion by pressing the wand against your lips.

There are different kinds of lip gloss textures that you can go for. There is sheer, glitter and metallic. The best part is that you can mix all of these and still end up with a beautiful and customizable solution!

Why Should You Use Lip Gloss?

Women usually gravitate towards lip gloss since it is very hydrating and comfortable to wear. It is also lightweight, unlike matte or liquid lipsticks. If you are a fan of moisturized lips, go for a gloss! It is a statement piece during the winter season since it gives hydration, fixes dried or chapped lips, and looks business appropriate, as well as fancy. The only downside to it is that it can be a bit sticky (depends on the kind you purchase) and you may experience your hair sticking to your lips.

Top Five Lip Gloss Options

A lot of women prefer lips glosses since they are super easy to apply and they glide on hassle-free. You can apply them even with your eyes closed. This is not the thing with heavily pigmented liquid lipsticks or similar textures, which makes lip glosses beginner-friendly! Here are our top five favorites:

Maybelline Shine Shot

If you are on a budget you can always turn to Maybelline lip products! This particular product costs $6.95. They are amazing because of their chic packages, long-lasting color, as well as undeniable prices. This gloss has a slight purple and blue hint to it, which will look very reflective once placed onto your lips. To some, it looks a lot like a high-end gloss, especially once you take some pictures with it since it photographs amazingly!

Related Products

Glossier Lip Gloss

The name itself says it all. Glossier is a brand that became popular only a few years back and it is a brand that has amazing lip and brow products. This product is sold at $14. Their gloss is a must if you want to keep your lips plump and nourished, as well as hydrated with only a bit of tint throughout the day.

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb

On the more expensive side, this product costs $18. Rihanna started Fenty Beauty three years back and the brand has been successful ever since. At first, everyone fell in love with her foundation, while nowadays everyone is talking about her lip glosses. This gloss is available in a couple of shades and is a statement gloss that has some flecks of glitter, as well as a ton of shea butter for moisturizing properties.

Kevyn Aucoin Glass Glow Lip Gloss

Kevyn Aucoin is, without a doubt, an amazing high-end brand that is for women who want luxury! It costs $26. If you are into long-lasting makeup, you will fancy this lip gloss. It illuminates the lips and gives them an iridescent finish, as well as the right amount of shine and hydration, thanks to its vitamin E ingredient.

Shiseido Crystal Gel Gloss

Women who prefer breathtaking clear glosses will love this one by Shiseido. It costs $25. Shiseido is another brand that is not really budget-friendly, but it leaves you with a high-end top model lips. You can apply this product on its own, or even over a matte lipstick just to give it some shine!