winged liner being applied

How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner Perfectly

Top Tips for Flawless Flicks

When it comes to liquid eyeliner, it can be all too easy to ruin the perfect cat flick and have raccoon eyes in just one stroke. If we could calculate the number of hours we’ve spent our lives on trying to even out our eyeliner- the number would be traumatizing. Well, no more! Here are our top tips and tricks on how to apply liquid eyeliner perfectly so that you can have flawless flicks in no time. Every single one of these secret methods is what your favorite beauty influencer probably swears by- so it’s time for your eyeliner to be just as on fleek as theirs!

How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner

Get Sticky

If you really want to know how to apply liquid eyeliner perfectly, this is our number one tip and technique. Not only does this technique ensure perfect results every single time without fail, but it also takes zero skill and a mere few seconds to work.

It’s time to put those post-it notes you have to good use. All it takes is for you to apply one of these post-it notes to your eye area as a ruler for a straighter flick. Start right at the outer corner of your eye and point it up towards the end of your brows. The angle at which you apply it depends on how angled you want your wing to be.

Draw a line across your upper lash line and then continue to draw as far out as you’d like. The line will be messy and all over the post-it note. But, once it has dried you simply rip off like a band-aid and voila. You’ll instantly have the sharpest of sharp lines. We absolutely swear by this tip!

Conceal, Don’t Feel

It’s always a struggle trying to match up your wings, one always seems to work out so beautifully whilst the other just won’t cooperate. Trying to match up the two often leads to two uneven bad lines which is the opposite of what we wanted!

The next time you get a perfect line on one side but can’t quite perfect the other, don’t mess with the perfect one! Simply leave your bad one as messy as it is and reach for an angled eye brush to fix it with concealer. 

Apply some concealer to the brush and use it to sharpen the edges of your bad line. Just conceal the edges to make it thinner if you need or conceal the top section to correct wobbly lines. It’s much easier to cover up your mistakes than to make them bigger and more destructive.

Tread Lightly

Another top tip on how to apply liquid eyeliner is to actually start with eyeshadow. Liquid eyeliner is pretty unforgiving, especially if you’re using a great quality one and once it’s on, it’s almost impossible to reverse. You can wipe it all off to start over but you’re often left with a grey tinge. It’s better to start lightly from the offset.

Instead of going directly in with your favorite liquid eyeliner, start with eyeshadow. Take a thin angled or eyeliner brush and dip it into a dark brown eyeshadow. Use this eyeshadow to trace out your line. It’s much easier to go back and forth and fix it when it’s simply brown eyeshadow. That way you can get the perfect shape and you’re even allowed to mess up a few times. Once you’re happy with the shape, go over with your liquid eyeliner to complete the look.