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Get a Dewy Glow, With or Without Makeup

How to Get Dewy Skin

It’s a question many people ask themselves in the morning: should I go with a matte or dewy look? Lately, it seems like the dewy look is winning, and that it’s the goal a lot of us are trying to achieve. But what exactly is dewy skin? Without knowing that, it will be heard to know how to get dewy skin for your perfect look.  

In simple terms, a dewy finish refers to the amount of radiance and shine of the skin that reflects the light; it can almost look wet. Dewy skin gives the impression of health and youth, and it reflects light beautifully, softening fine lines and smaller imperfections. It can be achieved with or without makeup. A general rule, even though it is here to be broken, is that you should keep the rest of your makeup not too glossy if you are wearing a dewy face.

Achieving Dewy Skin Without Makeup

Achieving dewy skin without makeup is possible and can also lead to many other wonderful benefits as well. You can start with simple things, which you probably need already, such as getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet full of vegetables, and getting rid of bad habits such as consuming alcohol and smoking. However, there are additional things you can do to assist your skin.

First off, you should start with the basics: drink more water. Water will help increase the blood circulation in your skin and prevent wrinkles and fine lines. To help your skin feel better and have even more moisture, use an illuminating moisturizer which will give your skin a lovely glow. Never forget to use as well SPF, as it will not only help your skin achieve a dewy look, but will also protect you from harmful UV rays, slow down aging, and help prevent wrinkles.

Throughout the day you can use a good skin mist to hydrate your skin and give it a little more dew. Make sure you are exfoliating regularly to get rid of any dead skin cells, and use coconut oil as a highlighter to achieve a natural look.

Achieving Dewy Skin with Makeup

If you are looking to achieve a dewy finish with makeup, there are several steps you need to take. Before you slab on foundation, make sure that your skin looks as flawless as possible. This can be done with a good prep routine.

Cleanse and exfoliate your skin with a gentle cleanser and make sure to apply a nice amount of moisturizer, preferably an illuminating one. Also, before using foundation, apply a radiant primer to help your skin look even dewier.

Next, foundation! When you are choosing the perfect foundation for your dewy look, pass on the full coverage products. Choose a sheer foundation or a BB cream to achieve some coverage, but don’t kill all the shine on your face. If you have freckles, the world wants to see them, and it would be a shame to cover them with a full coverage foundation when you are going for a dewy look.

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Be frugal with your concealer. Only apply a thin layer to your dark circles and blemishes, but do not over-apply like most beauty gurus recommend these days. The same story goes for powder. Try not to set your face too much, and only use it in very specific places, such as your under-eye area.

Products to Boost Your Dewy Look

As far as products go, the formula is somewhat simple. The key is to avoid looking greasy and unkempt, so you would need to take great care of your skin, exfoliate regularly, and use a good moisturizer.

Look for an illuminating moisturizer that will help your skin glow a little more! In the evenings, use retinoids to promote the turnover of your skin, and use serums to help it recover and glow in the morning. Korean skincare products are especially good at this, so try to find one you like and use it religiously. And most importantly, never forget sunscreen. Even if you think you don’t need it, you do.

When we talk about makeup avoid anything that has the words “full coverage” on the package. Instead, get an illuminating and lightweight foundation, or even better, a BB cream. Prime your skin with a matte primer, because this is how you’ll create a great canvas and eliminate the need for powder as your final step. Try to use as little concealer as possible, and only in necessary places such as the under-eye area.

When choosing your blush, remember not to go overboard, and to blend it well. You might even opt for a cream blush since it looks more natural and gives a nice subtle glow. Use an illuminating setting spray, and skip powder if possible.

Of course, to get all of this to work, you need a good base, so make sure to amp up your skincare routine and to never ever go to bed with makeup still on. We are all guilty of this but try to be more mindful about what your skin is going through on a daily basis. Atmospheric pollution, makeup, touching your face during the day, and pretty much all the dust and dirt that the wind brings stick to your lovely skin. Just imagine how much it must fight to stay healthy when you don’t even wash it all off in the evening.

To make things super easy, using BB creams instead of foundations will make it easier to remove your makeup before bed. There are no excuses not to do it.