It is important to know how to pluck your eyebrows as they frame your face.

How to Shape Your Eyebrows

How to Pluck Your Eyebrows

A lot of women tend to over pluck their eyebrows and some struggle with growing out their hairs. Most of the time, finding and experiencing the perfect balance is pretty rare. So, on which side of the spectrum are you? Do you have sparse and short hairs, or do you have bushy eyebrows that you tend to over pluck? Either way, we will give you all the answers to your most wanted questions and will help you achieve the perfect brow. Here is all that you need to know about how to pluck your eyebrows.

How to Prepare for Plucking

Start by softening the skin around your eyebrows by using warm water, steam and a towel. Your skin should be free of any product and your pores should be open since this allows your hairs to soften before plucking. You will notice how your hairs slide out a lot easier and faster. So, take a hot shower and tap dry your face with a towel. You can also use a steamer to open your pores and to soften your brows.

Top Five Items for Perfect Brow Plucking


Always use a pair of fine-tipped as well as clean tweezers. These should only be used for your brow hairs and should not be used anywhere else on your body. Try and avoid using someone else’s because this can cause a breakout. Also, try to switch up your tweezers every two to three months.

Brow Wax

Brow wax is a necessity for those who prefer waxing over plucking. You can use wax to remove the hairs from their roots and to give yourself a more defined outcome. However, if you are not a pro, only stick to the use of tweezers.

Brow Comb

A brow comb will allow you to brush upwards through your brow hairs. This will help to see what you are working with. A brow comb will set your hairs in place and will allow you to spot excess hairs that you will either cut, pluck, or wax.

Small Scissors

With the help of scissors, you can cut any unwanted hairs that stick out. Anything that is too long or too bushy can be tamed down with small brow scissors.

Face Cream

Lastly, every waxing or plucking process can be painful, as well as irritating to your skin. This is why you should apply a lightweight cream or oil once you are done. Use your favorite kind and let your face calm down from the irritation.

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How to Shape Your Eyebrows

Step One

Always get as close to the root as possible and get the hair out with your tweezers. Pull in the direction of the hair growth and hold your tweezers at an angle. Always do one brow at a time

Step Two

Figure out where you want your brow to end. How? Take a flat object (a ruler, a pen, or a pencil) and line it up from the outer edge of your nostril while placing it to the outer edge of your iris. Mark the spot where it crosses your brow with your liner, or any other makeup product. Repeat this process on the other side. This is where your eyebrow should end!

Step Three

You should figure out your preferred thickness of the brows. Women who have larger eyes can balance out their look with thicker eyebrows. On the other hand, if your eyes are quite small and hooded, rather stick to thin eyebrows.

Step Four

The space between your eyebrows and your eyes is pretty important since it will determine your outcome. You can mark your plucking point by holding that flat object vertically starting at the end of your nostril and by placing it upwards. This way, you will get the ideal beginning portion of your brow. Anything that ends up standing in the middle portion (the well-known uni-brow) should be plucked away.

Step Five

Remove all the unwanted and ingrown hairs by doing upward plucking motions. Hold your tweezers at an angle and remove excess hairs around the tail, beneath, as well as above your brow.

Only Pluck When Necessary

Never over pluck. Go slow and steady, as well as easy. Take a step back and look at yourself every few minutes to double-check your progress. Do not over pluck since growing out your brows can take up to six weeks! This means that the damage can be quite noticeable, as well as hard to repair. Always go slow and steady and work your brows little by little.

How to Maintain Your Brow Shape

Having the same brow shape can be a bit hard to pull off. However, this is why it is important to re-pluck every week. Make sure you pluck any excess hairs (baby hairs that grow out) at least once a week. By doing so, you will maintain your preferred shape. You can also use a small brow razor. These can be purchased online and can come in handy when removing ingrown baby hairs, peach fuzz, as well as moustache. Just glide the product beneath and above your brow to remove any unwanted excess.