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3 Easy Ways to Step up Your Makeup Game With a Fan Brush

What Is A Fan Brush?

Fan brushes have become popular tools in the beauty community for creating defined looks. With a fan brush, you can apply blush, contour and highlight to your cheekbones in an easy, sophisticated way, and give your face beautiful definition, and the perfect glow. If you don’t know how to use a fan brush, read on to learn some new tips and tricks!

How to Use a Fan Brush for Contouring

With a fan brush, you can sculpt and contour your face and enhance your cheekbones. Contouring your face can leave it looking super glamorous, or simply flattering.

Before you get started, create a uniform base. Apply primer and foundation, as you normally would. Make sure you have your fan brush, a concealer/foundation stick in a lighter shade, and a concealer/foundation stick in a dark shade. Then use the foundation/concealer stick to draw out lines and curves on your temples, cheekbones, the tip of your nose, and on the tip of your chin.

For the next step, use a beauty blender and gently dab over the areas where you applied the concealer stick. Keep doing this until the concealer has blended into your base foundation. Then, apply the light foundation/concealer stick under the eyes, the center of your forehead, the bridge of your nose, and on your chin. Blend with a beauty blender.

Finally, the last and the most important step: take your fan brush and dust the contoured areas of your face for extra sculpting and definition.

How to Use a Fan Brush for Highlighting

If you want to boost your look with a luminous glow, then a fan brush is the perfect tool for giving your face that subtle sheen.

First up, select your highlighter. Use a powdered highlighter, dab your fan brush, and then dust over your cheekbones. Alternatively, if you’re using highlighter drops, add a couple of drops to your beauty blender and dab it over your cheekbones, then dust away using the fan brush to blend in and achieve a radiant glow.

How to Use a Fan Brush for Blush

For some makeup looks, you might choose to add blush so you can give your cheeks a hint of color. While using a standard blush brush may be a good ideas, using a fan brush may be an even better one.

For starters, using a fan brush to apply blush means that you can create subtle hues of pink and rosy tones, and you can easily avoid overdoing it and applying too much. Also, applying blush with a fan brush will enable you to give your face a softer and much more natural look. All you’d need to do is dab your fan brush into your favorite blush, apply with a couple of strokes on each cheek, and you’re good to go.

Alternatively, you can apply a little bit of creamy blush or cheek tint onto your cheeks with a beauty blender or standard makeup brush, and then use a fan brush to mix it into the skin around your cheekbones.

Other Ways to Use a Fan Brush

We’ve looked at how to use a fan brush for contouring, highlighting, and applying blush, but there are other ways to use a fan brush as well. Take note, because these are some clever beauty hacks!

  • If you’re creating the perfect the perfect smokey eye, then don’t resort to smudging your eye shadow with a thin brush, or with your fingers. Using a fluffy fan brush is a good technique for creating a smokey eye without making a mess.
  • To achieve a subtle but glowing complexion, you can use a fan brush to apply bronzer and give your face that special sun-kissed shine.
  • After applying foundation, using a fan brush can help blend it into your skin, and keep your skin tone on your face uniform. You can also use a fan brush to blend your foundation and concealer together. If you’ve applied too much foundation, concealer, or blush, then using a fresh fan brush can help remove excess makeup.
  • If you hate having a shiny or dewy look, then you can dab translucent powder onto your t-zone using a fan brush.
  • Using eyelash extensions isn’t the only way to get super voluminous lashes. Add a little bit of mascara onto a tiny fan brush, then brush it over your lashes.
  • If you normally use face masks as part of your skincare routine, dip your fan brush into your facial mask and spread it all over your face for even coverage. Make sure you use enough. It might sound strange, but it works.
  • If you want to create bold nail art patterns, try using a fan brush. Get innovative, select the colors and style for your nail designs, then use the fan brush to apply, and let it do its magic.

With a fan brush, you can be sure to create plenty of gorgeous, glamorous, and elegant makeup looks.