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Lip Butter vs Lip Balm: Which One Is the Better Lip Care Product?

Lip Butter vs Lip Balm: Which One Is Right for You?

Are your lips super dry or cracked during this high heat? If so, do not worry, you are not the only one. Our lips tend to dry out a lot faster when exposed to high temperatures, wind and poor weather, such as rain and snow. This means that you should wear either a lip butter or a lip balm at least 9 out of the 12 months in a year to keep them protected and moist. When it comes to lip butter vs lip balm, what’s the difference? How will you determine which is the right product for you? Keep on reading to know the difference between lip butter vs lip balm.

What Is Lip Butter?

Lip butter is a lot creamier and thicker in texture than lip balm. It is easy to apply, but it does not stay on for as long as lip balm. Usually, lip butter is a bit pricier and is often made with pure, organic and natural ingredients that every woman will love, no matter her age or current lip state (chapped, healthy, cracked).

Most lip butters have a unique packaging to them. They come in a small and rounded metal container. You should unseal the lid in order to apply this item to your lips. Women usually apply it with their index finger straight to the lips. This application can be a bit messy if you do not have a mirror with you. Also, you should always make sure that your fingers are clean before application.

What Is Lip Balm?

Lip balm is often made with beeswax and organic herbs and olive oil, as well as vitamins A and E. Your lip balm is easier to apply than the butter, as it does not have a heavy, oily texture and you will enjoy it since it is lightweight and affordable. It can stay on for hours and you will not end up with a heavy amount of shine. Also, lip balms are available in every drugstore, as well as in stores in bigger malls. On the other hand, lip butter can be a bit harder to find.

Application wise, you will find that lip balm is super easy to apply and it is mess-free. Lip balms usually come in a lipstick-like component where all you have to do is roll the tube in order to get the product out. Once it is out of the tube, you simply swipe it across your lips as a regular lipstick. You can use it on its own or you can prep your lips with it before you apply your lipstick.

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Main Differences Between Lip Butter and Lip Balm

If you are still not too sure what differentiates them, there are some key points:

  • Lip butter is thicker and has organic ingredients most of the time
  • Lip butter is perfect for the winter while a lip balm should be used in the summer
  • Lip butter will not stay on your lips for as long as the lip balm
  • Lip balm is easier to apply and it gives you a mess-free approach
  • Lip balm can be used as a base for your lipstick
  • Lip balm is a bit more affordable (most of the time)

Why Should You Use Lip Butter?

A lip butter may suit mature women a bit more, as well as those who are prone to cracked, dry and peeled lips. If you live somewhere where it tends to get below 50F, go for a lip balm. You will need a bit more moisture and you will prefer a thicker ointment for your lips. Also, if you are not a makeup lover and you do not gravitate toward heavy glam, go for a lip balm. It is a good product for moisture, and you will enjoy wearing it every day.

When to Use Lip Balm

Go for a lip balm if your lips are not as chapped and if you wish for a nourishing product that is quite easy to apply. If you are someone who is constantly on the go, you will prefer a lip balm over lip butter since it comes in a lipstick-like compartment for easy application. Also, go for this product if you are a fan of makeup. A lip balm can be used as a primer for your matte lipsticks and it will not allow your lips to dry out.

Lip Butter vs Lip Balm: Which One Is Better?

So, in the end, which one of these two products would you rather get? Both of them can do an amazing job at protecting your lips from chapping. It is up to you to determine which one suits your personal life, everyday habits and preference more. Whatever you choose, you cannot go wrong with any of these two. Make sure you stay protected and hydrated at all times!