Someone wearing eyelash extensions.

How to Incorporate Eyelash Extensions Into Your Beauty Routine

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Giving eyelashes a volumizing boost is one of the best ways to improve your makeup look. There are several ways to do this, such as using eyelashes serum, applying volumizing mascara, adding mascara primer before using mascara, or using eyelash extensions. But, have you ever wondered, what are eyelash extensions?

Using eyelash extensions are a popular choice for beauty lovers who want to give their lashes a bold and defined look, but are they better than other eyelash lengthening tools? Let’s find out.

Eyelash Extensions Explanation

Eyelash extensions are false lashes that are used to boost natural lashes. They are used to add length, volume, curliness, thickness and fullness. Eyelash extensions are applied using adhesive glue. Each lash is added individually to the eyelash line. They are normally applied by a professional beautician, while false lashes are added as a full set and are normally applied at home.

Why are Eyelash Extensions Used?

Eyelash extensions give volume to the lashes in a natural way. In the same way that you have hair extensions added to your hair to give length and volume, eyelash extensions give your natural eyelashes length, thickness and fullness. They are perfect if you want to give your face a fabulous, flawless and glamorous makeup look, especially if you are getting ready for a special occasion or elegant event.

The Comparison to other Eyelash Lengthening Tools

There are a number of eyelash lengthening tools you probably use as a part of your beauty collection that help to enhance your eyelashes. These may include:

  • Volumizing mascara. This extends the lashes after applying one or two coats. The effects of this tend to last for a whole day.
  • Eyelash curler. This curls your lashes. To keep the curl long-lasting, it is best to apply volumizing mascara afterwards.
  • Drugstore false eyelashes. You can apply these at home. Normally, you take off false eyelashes when removing your makeup.
  • Eyelash growth serum. This helps your lashes grow.
  • Eyelash primer. This works in a similar way to face primer. Eyelash primer is a base product that you apply before adding mascara to allow the mascara to sit on the lashes and keep the mascara in place throughout the day.

Even though eyelash lengthening tools help enhance your lashes, eyelash extensions are a lot better because the effects last a lot longer than these tools. Plus, unlike these tools, eyelash extensions are normally applied by a professional and can help you achieve a more natural look.

Best Brands

Plenty of beauty brands sell eyelash extensions that you can apply in the comfort of your own home. Here are some of the best brands of eyelash extensions.

Lankiz Eyelash Extensions

Available via Amazon, the Lankiz Eyelash Extensions are high-quality individual faux mink extensions that are soft and lightweight. Easy to use and apply, these eyelash extensions give your lashes a natural look and a long-lasting curl.


Similar to Lankiz and also available on Amazon, Vavalash is another eyelash extension brand. These salon-standard false mink lash extensions have a deep and dark matte finish and are oval-shaped so you can create a bold, defined and dramatic look. Softly-textured, these lashes are comfortable and weightless.

Kiss Lash Couture Faux Lash Extensions

For a drugstore beauty brand, the Kiss Lash Couture Faux Lash Extensions (in Venus) come available in short and medium-length strands so that you can tailor and customize your own lash extensions look. Reusable and cruelty-free, each strand has been designed to give you natural and professional-looking results.

Eyelure X Jordyn Woods

Similar to Kiss’ eyelash extensions, Jordyn Woods has her own eyelash extensions range titled Eyelure X Jordyn Woods. From the collection, the “beach please lashes” are criss-cross lashes with a curl finish that will have your lashes looking gorgeous. The “summer heir lashes” adds texture and a wispy curl to your lashes to make them look ultra-glam.

How Apply Them at Home

Start by cleaning your eyelashes and eyelids so they are free of makeup and oil. Lay the false lash on top of your natural lash to make sure they fit in line each other and are easily applicable from the lash line. Then, apply a thin line of adhesive glue along the lash band and wait for it to set. Then, place as close to your natural eyelash line as possible and press to keep the lashes secure and in place.

How Eyelash Extensions are Applied at a Salon

When you go to the salon to get your eyelashes done, the beauty pro will normally discuss the process and ask for your desired look. They must sanitize their hands before getting started. As part of the preparation, they will apply the eye pads and will start by applying primer. They will then get the glue and tweezers ready for application.

Then, using the tweezers, they will separate one eyelash at a time and will pick up a lash, dip it in glue and apply it to the natural lash. Throughout the application process, the beauty pro will use a mascara wand to brush the extensions and will alternate application from one eye to the next and so on. Once complete, a sealing product will be applied, then the eye pads will be removed so you can open your eyes to see the final result. They should last between four and six weeks.