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A Beginners Guide to Filling in Your Eyebrows

Long gone are the days of au-naturale brows, and who can forget the pencil-thin over-plucked eyebrow? It’s safe to say that we’ve been overlooking our eyebrows for decades. Eyebrows should be the focus for any makeup look from natural to glam. Nowadays a strong brow is the way to go, with Instagram giving us

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Creating The Perfect Eyebrow Look

Eyes are typically the first thing someone notices when they look at your face—and your eyebrows frame your eyes. Your brows can really make your eyes pop and can give you a specific mood or expression you are trying to convey to the world. You can get a perfect sculpted look by learning a few

Demystifying Makeup Brushes and Tools

There’s no avoiding it, makeup is an art! Your face is simply a beautiful canvas, waiting for the magic of cosmetics to accentuate your unique features, and maybe conceal little flaws that try to steal the spotlight. With an endless supply of makeup brushes and tools, it is easy to become overwhelmed with what
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