Sun protection is important for every person.

Sun Protection

Clever Ways to Protect Yourself From the Sun

Sun protection is important for every person, regardless of the color of their skin. The sun’s damaging rays can quickly burn, sicken and cause permanent diseases to people who’re outdoors most of the time. In order to remain safe in the sun, you need to employ some clever ways to fight off skin-cell damage. Use these tips to live comfortably under the sun with a long lifespan ahead of you.

Properly Applying Sunscreen

The simplest step in sun protection is applying lotion. Avoid sunblock sprays because they will often miss their intended target. Lotions require you to rub each skin area so that you know where the product has been placed. Pay careful attention to those hidden areas that often burn when you miss them. Ears, necks and toes will burn if you overlook these locations. In addition, apply the lotion at least 30 minutes before entering the sunlight. The lotion doesn’t work until it has absorbed into the skin. It’s possible to sustain some skin damage if you apply the sunblock directly in the sunlight.

The Reapplication Question

You might be confused about reapplying the lotion when there’s a high SPF involved. The SPF value only tells you that a certain percentage of the sun’s rays will be filtered at the skin’s surface. A higher SPF value doesn’t mean that it can be applied less often than a lower number. Ideally, apply more sunblock after two hours of being in the sun. Sweat and movement will wear the lotion layer down. If you’ve been swimming, reapply the lotion after 60 to 80 minutes. Both pool and ocean water will wash away the lotion’s fine layer.

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UV-Treated Clothing

Today’s technology makes it possible to have ultraviolet or UV protection embedded into clothing. If you want to avoid sunblock covering most of your skin, try long-sleeve UV shirts and corresponding pants. The material will usually have an SPF-50 value or higher. Lounge in the sun with no issues regarding lotion reapplication. You will need to apply lotion on any exposed skin, however. For example, the face, hands and feet might be exposed to the sunlight. Use sunblock on these areas, and your skin will be healthy as a result.

Simple Covering Up

Protect your skin by simply covering up with a hat and lightweight clothing. Although UV clothing is more effective at blocking harmful rays, regular shirts and pants can still offer some protection. The hat, in particular, is a clever tool to shield your head from sunburns. Any exposed skin along the scalp, such as along a hair part, will quickly burn without a hat. Choose a wide-brimmed style so that you can also benefit from shade across your face and neck. You’ll stay cooler with it as well.

Avoiding the Strongest Rays

Arguably, the easiest way to fight off sunburn is remaining in the shade. Try to workout or visit the beach before 10a.m. or after 4p.m. Midday sunlight is the strongest, and sunburns are more common during these hours. Bring umbrellas to the beach if you must be outdoors all day long. This shade will keep you cool and protected as you enjoy time with friends and family. Sun protection should be everyone’s goal in the outdoors.

Skin cancer is a real threat to the population. Although you may be diligent about applying sunscreen, evaluate your skin on a regular basis. If you notice any unusual growths or moles, discuss your concerns with a doctor. Many cancers can be removed very quickly when they’re discovered early on. Understand the importance of sun protection, and you’ll live a healthy life under the sun’s warm rays.