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8 Great Makeup Trends for Fall

Our Top Fall Makeup Looks

Let’s take a moment to appreciate that the time for pumpkin spiced lattes and sweater weather is finally here. Everyone loves fall as it’s surrounded by coziness and Thanksgiving meals, but to makeup addicts, it means one thing: fall makeup looks. We can finally enjoy all of those warm rusty tones, bold and deep lips, and earthy tones and whilst every season comes with its own makeup trends, fall is by far the most unique. We’re here to break down the top trends you should expect to see and try to rock throughout 2017.

Bold Lips

This is one of the fall makeup looks that is as old as time – and we’re so glad it’s always in. The easiest way you can embrace the fall vibes is to throw on a dark bold lip and the options are really endless. You can pair it with anything from a full-on smoky eye to a no makeup makeup look – it’s just so versatile and the shade options are endless as well. While typically a fall bold lip tends to mean a dark berry lip or festive red lip, every year we see more options to experiment with, so now you can opt for a dark grey or even black if you’re feeling super adventurous.

Earth Tones

Dark greens, reds, oranges and browns are everywhere we look in fall so, might as well embrace our surroundings? When it comes to your eye looks or even the tones you’re choosing for your cheeks, earthy tones are a huge fall trend this year. This can mean anything from a green smoky eye to a rusty orange blush!

Metallic Eyes

Who doesn’t love a bold shimmery eye? While we wish we could rock them all year, metallic eyes are bold and are often saved for special occasions. Luckily for us, fall this year is all about the metallic eyes. Finally, an excuse to wear them whenever we like! Whether a silver or metallic bronze, metallic eyes are a huge 2017 trend and we can’t wait to rock them all day, every day.

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Stained Lips

If you’re not feeling like a bold lip is office appropriate, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Another of the fall makeup looks we’re feeling is stained lips. With the colder weather, stained lips are going to give you that just-bitten look you naturally get in winter. You can either invest in a lip stain specifically for the job or you can just take any lipstick you have laying around and lightly pat it on your lips and blend out with your fingers, so no excuses for not joining in with this one. 

Bold Cheeks

The dramatic pops of colors aren’t just reserved for lips! As long as you keep your eyes looking subtle, there’s no reason you can’t don a bold cheek along with your bold lip. Bold cheeks have always been a very editorial look that we see all over runways all year round, but with fall here it’s time to take it to the streets. Packing on a bold blush can take your look from naturally flushed to frolicking-in-the-snow flush, and we’re loving it!

Dramatic Lower Lashes

At this point, you’re probably picking up on an ongoing trend and that’s definitely drama. Applying layers upon layers of mascara on your lower lashes is an effortless way to achieve dramatic lashes. Really defining that lower lash line can add a sultry and smoky effect to any look. You can even go the extra mile and smoke it out with some bronze eyeshadow!

Dewy Skin

There’s no doubt about it that 2017 has been the year of the glow. The highlighters have been blinding and the glow has been real. Just because the weather is getting colder, it doesn’t mean we have to leave the glow behind. Dewy skin is a great fall makeup trend that really works with any look and you can achieve it by either sticking to hydrating skin products or packing on the highlight. Stick to cream products to get a natural glow or apply a liquid highlighter all over your face underneath your foundation to give you a glowing-from-within look.

Dramatic Winged Liner

Ok, we know- the dramatic thing is getting old, but it really is all about the drama this year! You know that moment when you’re trying to even out your eyeliner and end up with a much longer and thicker line than expected and the panic is real? Well, this fall you can cut the panic out and embrace the boldness. Thicker and longer eyeliner wings are all the rage and an easy way to elevate any look!