Someone with filled in eyebrows.

Get the Perfect Brows With These 6 Easy Eyebrow Filling Steps

The Best Eyebrow Makeup Advice

As part of any makeup look, shaping and styling your eyebrows is a key part of this. You can change up your makeup look by knowing how to fill in eyebrows. This is essential for the best eyebrow makeup. This helps make your eyebrows stand out, giving them a more defined shape.

What Is Filling In Eyebrows?

Filling in your eyebrows means applying an eyebrow gel and brushing through with an eyebrow brush or wand. This is one of the best eyebrow makeup options. You can do this to add colour to your brows and to “tidy” them up.

Why Do People Fill In Eyebrows?

People like to fill in their eyebrows to give them a tone and to shape up unruly brows. Also, filling in your eyebrows is a great way to give them a defined look to make them stand out as a part of your makeup. Styled eyebrows are complementary to the rest of your eye makeup look. And best of all, filled in eyebrows are suitable for any makeup look, whether you are putting on your daytime cosmetic products, or going for evening glam.

The Dos of Eyebrow Filling

When filling your eyebrows, especially for the first time, there are some proper things to do to give you the best-looking brows. Here are some great tips for filling in your eyebrows:

  • Use a brow gel to give your eyebrows a tint of colour and to keep your hairs in place.
  • Use powder before applying brow gel if you want to create naturally blended eyebrows.
  • Comb your brows up or down before combing them into shape. This gives your eyebrows a soft and natural look.
  • Consider using a pencil to fill your brows. Many people dread the idea of using a pencil because of the worry of overdoing it or going back to the awful beauty trend of thin brows, but with the right technique, along with a brow brush or wand, a pencil can be the perfect asset.
  • Make sure you blend through the brows to fill them in properly and to create a smooth finish.
  • Pick a brow color that compliments your skin tone.
  • Consider seeing a professional to get your eyebrows waxed or threaded.

The Don’ts of Filling in Eyebrows

While there are tips to ensure you have the best-looking brows, there are also things you should avoid. After all, you do not want to ruin your brows, as they are the frame to the face. Here are things to avoid:

  • Don’t fill in everything. Short and gentle strokes are required to give your brows a natural boost and a polished look.
  • Don’t forget to use concealer around the brows to give them a more defined look and to highlight your brow bone.
  • Don’t pluck until you have decided on the desired shape of your brows and do not overpluck.
  • Don’t overdo it. The last thing you want to do is to give yourself Sharpie eyebrows! Less is more.
  • Don’t rush when filling in your brows. Take your time and be patient.

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How to Properly Fill Eyebrows

To fill in your eyebrows, you will need:

  • Tweezers
  • Brow pencils
  • Brow brush or mascara wand
  • Brow powder
  • Brow gel
  • Concealer

Here’s a simple step by step guide on how to fill your brows and achieve the best eyebrows ever.

Step 1

Start off by prepping your eyebrows. Use a tweezer to remove stray hairs that are totally out of place and trim excess hairs that do not fit in with the natural shape of your brows. Don’t overdo it though.

Step 2

Using your brow pencil, gently create soft and short hair-like strokes underneath your brow to define the shape.

Step 3

Get your brow brush and place it at an angle from the front of the brow and brush upwards throughout the arch of the brow. Do this for the other brow as well.

Step 4

Dab your brush in powder and fill in your brows. Start at the edge of your brows and gradually apply throughout the arch with light brush strokes.

Step 5

Once you have finished applying powder, apply the brow gel to fill in the brows using the same techniques as before and brush through. Leave to dry or apply a brow setting formula.

Step 6

Finally, apply concealer around the brows to make them stand out and make them more defined.

Eyebrow Filling Tools

There are a number of eyebrow filling tools that you can use to fill your brows. One of your first options is eyeshadow. Eyeshadow is a great way to give your brows a soft and natural look, and you can experiment with different shades, such as a matte finish or a smoky brow.

Eyebrow filler and gel are also a popular choice of product for many beauty lovers who are looking to touch up their brows in an instant. There is a range of gel brow products out there that come available with a brush and wand to enable easy application.

Makeup brushes for the best eyebrow makeup can also be used when applying gel, cream or powder brow filler. You can also use a mascara wand. Some people prefer to use a mascara wand to brush and fill the eyebrows.

Eyebrow kits for the best eyebrow makeup have all the tools in one pack so that you can fill, shape and contour your brows. With plenty of tools and techniques, you can fill in your brows and achieve the perfect arches to make your brows look exceptional.