The wet hair look is one of several beauty trends we're not on board with

11 Weird Beauty Trends We DON’T Want to Try

11 Most Bizarre Beauty Trends From The Last Few Years

We’re all about trying new trends and experimenting with our style, but sometimes we have to draw the line. Things are going a little bit too out there for our liking. With the help of the internet, in the last few years there has been surge in bizarre beauty trends from the caviar facial to hot pink eyebrows. Suddenly baking and strobing doesn’t sound too weird.

The 100 Layers Challenge

The 100 layers challenge became a bit of a thing on YouTube, and we’re over the moon that fad is over as most of the videos made us feel slightly nauseous. Plastering on layers and layers of nail polish, lipstick, foundation, and even a whole face of makeup was pretty grim and what a waste of product too!

Hangover Makeup

Nothing is worse than waking up full of regret, with a pounding headache, to peer in the mirror and discover you passed out a little too early and didn’t bother removing all that makeup. However, apparently nowadays this is the way to look! There are tutorials all over the internet on how you can achieve that hungover style. Personally we’d rather not!

Fake Freckles

This is definitely one of the most popular bizarre beauty trends on the list, and we are still a bit stumped as to why. If you’ve got natural freckles, you should definitely be embracing them, but why draw them on on purposely? The problem here is that they almost always look drawn on, we will hold out until we see someone rock the look effectively, but for now it just seems odd.

Caviar Facial

We totally understand wanting to reduce the signs of ageing without having to stick needles in our face, but surely putting fish eggs all over your face is a step too far? This freeze-dried caviar treatment is said to minimise wrinkles and repair sun damage, and you can bet it cost a small fortune too!

Dyeing Your Armpit Hair

We get it. Unshaved armpit hair is totally empowering and we women should be able to let it grow if we so please. But dying it neon pink is a step too far in our books. You can even go unicorn styled if you really want to try all the trends!

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Teeth Tattoos

Tattoos aren’t quite the rebellious unique symbol that they used to be, so those individualists out there needed to find something new. Fitting your chosen tooth with a crown and then tattooing it is the best way to do that, right? We’re not sure these tiny tats are going to look so great from the distance when it looks like a rotting tooth!

The Wet Hair Look

This trend is said to be one of the biggest beauty trends for 2017, and we can’t quite wrap our head around it. Whilst wet hair may look pretty cool on the catwalk or in our favourite glossy mags, our wet hair just has that drowned rat look, and let’s not talk about that frizz when it finally does dry!

Fluffy Nails

Fluffy nails were a fan favourite on Pinterest in 2016 and whilst it looks kinda cute, we are unsure of the practicalities. It’s not just a little bit of fuzzy nail polish either. We’re talking full on pom-poms and swatches of fur. Don’t even get us started on how someone eats with these on.

Dyed Eyebrows

Eyebrows have come into a league of their own in the last few years, mainly thanks to a certain Miss Delevingne, and we love them. Bold brows are so much better than those tadpoles we had a few years back. But now things have gone that bit further and apparently that means dying your brows a vibrant shade of pink or blue.

Placenta Face Cream

Here’s another anti-ageing treatment that has some serious question marks around it. The new love of placenta as a face cream. Placenta gives nutrients to unborn babies, and now apparently it can help revitalise and moisturise skin. Buying placenta in a bottle just seems a bit too weird for us.

Pink Eyes and Lashes

Bright pink eyeshadow and mascara is well suited for the catwalk, it’s definitely a statement look. However, we aren’t convinced that we have the skills (or the bravery) to pull it off at home ourselves without looking like we’ve caught a bout of conjunctivitis. Definitely going to leave this one to the makeup artists.

Applying Makeup with Anything and Everything

Last year we noticed people applying makeup with the weirdest tools.. The weirdest one? Definitely a condom on a makeup sponge. It may well give you that flawless and airbrushed finish, but we definitely aren’t putting that anywhere near our face. Let’s stick to makeup brushes, please?

If you think all of these are weird, no doubt in a year’s time we will be looking back laughing at how tame it all was. Here’s to a bizarre 2017!