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What Type of Brush Should You Use When Applying Bronzer?

How Using a Bronzer Brush Can Change Your Bronzing Game

It seems that nowadays, all the makeup enthusiasts have about numerous amount of brushes in their collection.

For example, we have our foundation brushes, concealer brushes, mini concealer brushes, hundreds of eyeshadow brushes, a brush for the lipstick and eyebrows, ones for highlighter and blush. However, most of us are confused when it comes to bronzer and a bronzer brush. Why is that?

When you think about bronzer, you probably remember the horrific terracotta bronzer from the 2000s that everyone used excessively. We all looked so orange, so unnatural, our faces were at least three shades darker than the rest of our bodies. This was because bronzer formulas were wrong and bronzing was taken way too seriously.

However, bronzing has recently made a comeback and thankfully with better bronzer formulas now available. Before you think about applying bronzer freely, here are the ins-and-outs you need to know about using bronzer – starting with using a bronzer brush.

What Is a Bronzer Brush?

If you want to achieve a natural look with bronzer while enhancing your beauty, you need to be using the right tools.

Typically, bronzer brushes feature large soft fibers and are less-dense compared to foundation, powder or eyeshadow brushes. A bronzer brush helps to distribute the product evenly, making it easier to blend out and get that sunkissed glow you want.

Of course, the type of brush you use will depend on the bronzer formula you have and where you decide to place the product.

Why Should I Use a Bronzer Brush When Applying Bronzer?

Of course, this is where the bronzing blush makes all the difference. All of this would not be possible to bronze correctly with small and dense brushes, as they are meant to work in small areas.

What Type of Bronzer Brush Should I Use for Cream, Powder, and Matte or Sheer Bronzers?

For cream bronzers, you should opt for a synthetic fiber brush and for powder bronzer you should use a natural fiber brush.

Natural fiber brushes tend to soak up the cream products and therefore disperse it unevenly to the skin, which can make blending a disaster and is easy to end up with a splotchy, dirty-looking face. However, they work wonders with powder products, because they have a bit of texture and hold the powder much better than synthetic fibers.

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For a matte or sheer bronzer, you will want to use a brush with a rounded head. This brush will allow you to cover the largest area quickly, and make it easier to blend the product for a seamless finish.

For a shimmery bronzer, you can opt for a fan brush, as it will allow more control and apply only a small amount of product, making it easier to know just how much you are using.

To help blend in your bronzer further, use a large kabuki brush with short and dense bristles. A duo-fiber brush will work just as well, as it provides a lighter finish without moving the foundation underneath.

How to Apply Bronzer With a Bronzer Brush

When it comes to the actual application of bronzer, the steps are pretty simple.

First, get some product on your brush and dust off the excess. This is a very important step, as it is quite hard to remove excess bronzer. Next, start a little above your temples and move the brush to your cheekbones. Then, sweep it again to your jaw and end at the chin. Apply a bit more to the bridge of your nose to achieve that super sun-kissed look.

If you are wearing your hair up, do not forget the back of your neck and your ears. If your décolletage and shoulders are exposed, apply a bit of bronzer to your clavicle, your shoulders, a little bit over the chest, and of course, just a tiny bit on the neck.

Bronzing up your body will also make you look slimmer, but don’t go overboard and dip yourself in bronzing powder. Just make sure to lightly apply it to match your face.

Remember that the goal is to look bronzed all over and not have the sun effect only on your face to avoid looking overly made up.