A lady is putting lotion on her face.

What to Know About Putting Lotion on Your Face

Can You Put Lotion on Your Face?

Many of us use body lotion to moisturize our skin, but can you put lotion on your face? Some beauty experts advise not to do this, while others say that there is nothing wrong with this. Well, the truth is that you can put lotion on your face, but it depends on the type of lotion you use.

What Types of Lotion can You Put on Your Face?

The skin on your body is not the same as the skin on your face. Some people say it is best not to use lotion on your face. Others say you can use lotion on your face as long as the lotion you are using does not irritate your complexion.

Determine Your Skin Type

The type of lotion you can put on your face depends on your skin type. Before you start using lotions, you should identify your skin type first. Once you have done that, then you can source the right lotions for you that will target your facial needs, such as combating dryness or anti aging.

Protect Your Skin From the Sun

Regardless of your skin type, you should always aim to use a face lotion that contains SPF. The sun’s UV rays are harmful to the skin and can speed up the aging process, so using SPF – or a lotion infused with SPF – daily can help to prevent this.

For Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, then it is best to use a lotion that contains natural and organic ingredients. These are the products that are most gentle on the skin. Lotions that contain fragrances and harsh chemicals will just irritate your face.

For Oily, Combination and Dry Skin

If you have oily or combination skin, then opt to use lotions that are oil free. Try to use a lotion with a gel like consistency to avoid adding extra oiliness and go for a moisturizing tinted lotion to conceal dark spots and blemishes.

For those of you who have normal skin, a thin layer of moisture is enough to keep your face moisturized. Go for a lotion that has a thin consistency.

If you have dry skin, then the opposite is true. You need to use an oil based lotion or a lotion with a creamy texture. When you have dry skin the important thing is to make sure it is hydrated and nourished at all times. Select nourishing lotions with a thicker consistency so that your skin retains moisture. Go for face lotions with Shea and cocoa butter.

Pay Attention to the Seasons

The type of moisture you choose to use also depends on the season. It is best to use lotions with a lightweight and weightless consistency in the summer months when temperatures are more humid. In the colder months (or if you live in a colder climate) you should use lotions with a thicker consistency to provide hydration and nourishment.

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What Types of Lotion Should You Avoid Putting on Your Face?

You should avoid using lotions that contain fragrances, alcohol or dyes as these irritate the skin, especially if you have sensitive and dry skin. Do not use moisturizers with a thin consistency as these will not be enough to help your skin stay nourished.

If you have oily or combination skin, then you need to avoid oil based moisturisers. Oily skin is oily enough as it is, so that last thing you would want to do is to overload your face with more oil, as this can trigger breakouts. Also, avoid using thick moisturisers as these could clog up your pores.

Regardless of your skin type, it is best to avoid using lotions that contain harsh chemicals as these can irritate the skin and it is best to use lotions that contain natural and organic ingredients as these are much more soothing on the face.

Another thing to consider is to keep the products separate. So, use your body lotion for your body only but use a separate lotion that is only meant to be used on the face. Making the distinction is important because your face and the rest of the skin are different, so it makes sense to use different products. Opt for a face lotion or moisturizer that you can use as part of your morning and evening routines.

Overall, there is a lot of conflicting advice over whether or not you should use lotion on your face. Some people say you should not, but others say you can. The best course of action to take is to use lotion on your face that is formulated for your skin type. Also, avoid using lotions that have harsh chemicals and are not formulated for your facial needs. A face lotion should be beneficial to your skin type. If it is not, do not be afraid to make the switch until you find the right product for your face.