Someone wearing a white under-eye mask.

Wake Up Your Under Eyes With These 6 DIY Eye Mask Recipes

Try an Under-Eye Mask DIY Style

Do you struggle with dry under-eyes? Maybe you are prone to redness, puffiness, or dark circles? If so, know that you are not alone. A lot of people struggle with fine lines and wrinkles, as well as discoloration. Luckily, you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive treatments or eye creams. In fact, you can approach this issue in your own way and at home. How? With some of our amazing under-eye DIY masks. We’re going to teach you how to make your own under-eye mask DIY so you can get rid of bags and discoloration from the comfort of your home.

What Causes Bags and Discoloration?

Some of the most common reasons why you might have bad or discolored under-eyes revolve around lifestyle choices on a daily basis.

If you are not drinking enough water you should increase your daily water intake. Water helps with overall body health and it will boost your skin and its natural glow. Aim for two liters per day and your skin will thank you.

Sensitive skin or allergies can also add to this. If you have sensitive skin that is prone to irritation or allergies, your under eyes are naturally a lot puffier. This drainage and loss of water will show especially around the under-eye area.

If you are not getting enough sleep this is a problem too. Your body needs to rest and regenerate. Make sure that you treat it kindly and aim for eight hours each night.

Also, make sure to use SPF. You should wear a cream that has an SPF, or even a foundation with an SPF. UV-radiation is actually the second reason why people lose collagen and end up with wrinkles or fine lines.

You should always use a night cream before you go to bed. If you also add a serum or an eye cream to your routine, your skin will easily sink all of that in and will look 10 times healthier and plumper.

Our Top 6 Under-Eye Masks DIY

Rose and Cucumber

You probably have a cucumber in your home, but you can purchase a few roses, or some rose water and add them to the mixture. Use half of a cucumber, along with 1 ounce of rose water, and blend these two in a jar or a dish. Don’t forget to bring a few cotton rounds as well. Make sure to cut your cotton rounds into two half-moon shapes.

You can use a blender to blend your ingredients, or you can mix them by hand. Soak your cotton pads in your created mixture and apply them to your under eyes. Leave this patch for 15 minutes underneath your eyes. Let the juice sinks into your pores and let your skin breathe.

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Coffee Masks

As you probably know it by now, coffee is an amazing antioxidant and an amazing skin booster. It will boost your circulation and will fight off free radicals. You should combine some coffee grounds with an egg white to achieve firmer skin.

Use one egg white and 2 teaspoons of unused coffee grounds. Beat this mixture together with a fork for one minute. Once it sets, apply it with your hands and let it sit for 10 minutes. Later on, remove it with a wet towel. This under-eye mask will do wonders for women with dry and dehydrated skin, as well as with dry under eyes.

A Chamomile Eye Mask

Chamomile is quite affordable and it is soothing for every skin type. It is also relaxing and calming for your mind, body and soul. You can apply just two tea bags underneath your eyes for a couple of hours. You can also drink some chamomile tea while you are at it.

Steep two bags for three minutes. Let them cool down before you place them on your bags. Leave this on top for 15 minutes and apply a hydrating cream afterward just so that all of your ingredients sink in faster.

Egg White Mask

You’ll find egg whites in many anti-wrinkle skin care products. Egg white is rich in vitamin E and it can fight off free radicals, helping with the appearance of fine lines in the long run. Make sure you separate two egg whites from the egg and add five drops of vitamin E to the bowl.

Beat the egg with your fork and add your drops of vitamin E. Apply this newly made mixture with your ring finger and underneath your eyes. Leave it on top for 10 minutes and rinse out with lukewarm water later.

Milk and Turmeric

These two ingredients are quite affordable yet will do wonders for brightening up your complexion and demolishing any dark circles.

Go for 1 tablespoon of turmeric along with 1 tablespoon of milk. Mix these two in a small bowl and use a flat brush (can be a clean makeup brush) to apply the product. Dab the product in and leave it on top for 15 minutes. Rinse it off with warm water.

A Potato Slice

You can use just one potato slice and you will notice a drastic difference in your under-eye area. You can use cold potatoes since these will speed up your circulation and your blood flow.

Cut out two slices and apply them to your under eyes. Leave on top for 15 minutes. Remove and rinse out the skin with lukewarm water. Make sure to apply a cream on top and repeat this step every four to five days.

Ready for Some Smoother Under Eyes?

As you can see, smooth and bright under-eyes are quite easy to achieve. Just make sure you follow our steps and DIY recipes. So, which of these top six masks is going to be on your go-to list?