homemade setting sprays in water

DIY Makeup Setting Sprays

Quick, Easy & Affordable Makeup Fixers

There are many benefits to adding a setting spray to your makeup routine. Not only do they help your makeup last through warm summer days, but they can be packed full of nutrients for an extra skincare boost. Taking some time to make your own DIY makeup setting spray is a great way to cut back on costs, and tailor your setting spray to meet your unique complexion.

Why Use a Setting Spray?

Setting spray, sometimes known as fixing spray, is a must-have step in your beauty regime if you want long-lasting makeup. They set everything in place for an all-day hold. You can spritz throughout the day for a refresh and slow down any melting makeup on hot days.
Setting sprays aren’t just there to extend your makeup wear. They also have a whole heap of skincare benefits. There are many setting sprays you can choose from: some are designed for dry skin and provide an instant hydration boost, and others calm inflammation on sensitive skin types. No matter your skin, you can always find a setting spray which will help reduce your skincare concerns.

Benefits of Making Your Own DIY Makeup Setting Spray

Setting sprays are becoming increasingly popular as more and more of our favorite beauty brands develop sprays to improve our makeup and skincare routines. However, they come with a cost. One of the main benefits of making a DIY makeup setting spray is that they’re inexpensive, and easy to replace once you’ve finished.

However, it isn’t just about the cost. Making your own setting spray means you have full control over what ingredients go into your product. When you make your own setting spray, you don’t have to worry about all the nasty chemicals that are often included. Instead, you can enjoy a simple two or three ingredient spray, which provides all the same benefits. You can tailor your spray to your skincare needs so it’s perfect for your complexion, and you can easily create travel-sized sprays for on-the-go top-ups.

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It’s Simple!

Creating your own setting spray is much easier than you’d think, and you don’t need a whole science laboratory to get started! Simply stock up on some empty spray bottles, in a variety of sizes, pick up your key ingredients, and you’re good to go.

Glycerin Setting Spray

Glycerin is one of those ingredients that you will see in nearly all store-bought setting sprays, as it hydrates the skin, sealing in both moisture and makeup. To make your own, simply add 1-part glycerin with 3-parts distilled water into your spray bottle and shake thoroughly. A spritz or two of this is the best way to ensure your makeup lasts on even the hottest of days. Always shake it before use, and store it in the fridge for an ultimate refreshing booster.

Rose-infused Setting Spray

Rosewater is one of the most beneficial skincare ingredients and is commonly found in skin toners. It is anti-inflammatory and helps soothe irritation while reducing redness. It also helps cleanse skin, removes impurities, and minimizes congestion, so is perfect for acne-prone or sensitive skin. Swapping out your distilled water in the glycerin mix with rosewater is a great way to enjoy the skincare benefits of rosewater.

Setting Spray for Dry Skin

There are many setting sprays out there for dry and damaged complexions. They can help hydrate skin with a refreshing spritz. Aloe vera is commonly used as it’s deeply nourishing and can soothe damaged and irritated complexions. For your DIY setting spray, add 1-part of aloe vera gel to 3-parts of distilled water and shake together. For extra comfort on dry and sensitive skin, add a few drops of vitamin E oil to add antioxidant protection.

Setting Spray for Oily Skin

Setting sprays aren’t just beneficial for dry and damaged skin. With the right ingredients, you can also control oil levels and keep shine at bay. Witch hazel is a great natural ingredient; it contracts skin to reduce oiliness and minimize pores. Combine 1-part witch hazel with 3-parts distilled water or rosewater, and mix together.

Green Tea Setting Spray

If you want extra antioxidant protection you should make yourself a green tea-infused setting spray. Green tea protects your skin, unclogs congested skin, and soothes inflammation. Simply boil and brew some green tea, and after twenty minutes remove the tea bag and let it cool. The, add up to five drops of vitamin E oil and transfer the mix into one of your spray bottles.

Keep your DIY Makeup Setting Spray Fresh

One of the reasons why store-bought setting sprays are full of so many chemicals is because they’re used to preserve the mix. While your spray may not last as long, adding a few drops of vitamin E will help extend its shelf-life. You can also experiment with adding essential oils for fragrances and extra skincare boosts.