Woman applying a stick deodorant, one of the best deodorant for women

8 Deodorants That Actually Work

Stay Fresh with These Top Deodorants

The search for the best deodorant for women is one that can go on forever. Comfort in the knowledge that you’ll smell good all day is priceless.

These days, our busy lifestyles give us many reasons to sweat—from exercising at the gym to rushing between meetings. Check out our top eight deodorants that prevent odor all day long.

Clinique Antiperspirant-Deodorant Roll-On

This product rolls on easily and doesn’t leave a white residue. It dries clear on the skin and its antiperspirant properties reduce the amount of sweat your body produces.

Clinique is a fragrance-free, allergy tested brand, so this is the best deodorant for women who experience irritation from traditional heavily-fragranced products.

Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant Deodorant, Soothing Chamomile

Women with sensitive skin and prone to razor burn can use Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant Deodorant to reduce the amount of wetness that develops for up to 48 hours after it’s applied. The product contains chamomile, which alleviates irritation that develops from shaving, and its spray format avoids any clogged pores.

Jason Natural Aloe Vera Deodorant Stick

It can be hard to avoid toxins and controversial chemicals when it comes to deodorants, but the Jason Natural Aloe Vera Deodorant Stick is a healthy choice.

This product substitutes parabens with aloe vera and vitamin E, which can alleviate underarm irritation. It also contains corn starch, zinc, and baking soda to ensure that your body odor is quickly masked the minute that moisture develops.

Lavanila Sport Luxe Deodorant

If you have room in your budget for a high-end deodorant, consider Lavanila Sport Luxe Deodorant. It is a healthier alternative to products that contain aluminum, which can be absorbed into the skin.

This deodorant prevents sweat from staining your favorite shirts and combats body odor with green tea and baking soda. It’s effective even when participating in intense sports or activities, to ensure you don’t have to worry about your armpits making themselves known.

Ban Shower Fresh Solid Deodorant

Ban Shower Fresh is a unisex solid deodorant that, as the name suggests, bans wetness. It has a mild soap fragrance that won’t irritate or draw attention to you.

It’s the perfect choice to dial down the effects of your body’s sweat production, whether that’s from running on the treadmill or from nerves about a major presentation at work.

It will easily last throughout the day to ensure that you smell great and don’t develop tell-tale wet marks.

Burt’s Bees Natural Deodorant

Burt’s Bees Natural Deodorant has an au naturale scent, and is extremely absorbent due to the corn starch it contains—making it a safe and chemical-free product that won’t irritate your skin.

This product uses a combination of citrus oil and cyprus for a light, youthful fragrance that naturally masks any odors that develop over the course of your day.

Soapwalla Deodorant Cream

Once you get your head around applying a deodorant cream with your fingers, you’ll be in love with this product. It absorbs quickly and blends clear into your skin, preventing any residue marking your clothing.

This clay-based formulation is comfortable and effective at banishing unpleasant pit odor.