A girl painting her face with red makeup.

4 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween Makeup Ideas: Makeup Colors and Hairstyles

Halloween season is approaching, which means you should start thinking about your next makeup look. What do you plan on doing, and who do you wish to recreate when it comes to loads of different fictional characters? Luckily for you, we have prepared some easy Halloween makeup ideas that any person can recreate with ease, as long as they have the right products, makeup items, as well as patience. Here is what we recommend and believe is going to be huge and trendy in 2021.

Top 4 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas (From Least to Most Difficult)

1. A Ghost

This is a foolproof solution, especially if you wish to wear a matching Halloween look with your best friend or spouse. You two can have a complete story with this concept. Ghosts are also a common theme for Halloween.

How to Do It:
If you are tight with time and you have a strict schedule, give it a go in the simplest way possible with white bed sheets or covers. Cut a couple of holes at the front that you will use as your eyes. Wear white hosiery or pants underneath to enjoy an all-white vibe. We also recommend using eye makeup to color the eye area with matte black eyeshadow. By doing that, you will end up with pitch-black, ghost-like eyes. All you are going to need is one round fluffy brush and high-quality matte eyeshadow.

Tip: If you wish to take it up a notch, you can also go for some contact lenses (preferably black) to make your eyes even scarier.

Who It’s Best For:
This option is great for anyone who is running out of time and does not like to experiment a lot with makeup. This look will suit DIY fashion creators the best.

2. A Princess

Princess-like makeup is more than popular with most people. Are you a fan of glamorous looks and elegant ideas? If so, you are going to enjoy this approach and this beautiful look for Halloween.

How to Do It:
Start with your hairstyle. We recommend going for something elegant, such as a bun or a high ponytail. Add a lot of hairspray to get the right amount of shine. Once your hair is done, go with your base. Do your foundation as you would usually but go heavy with the blush. Move onto your eyes and try to make them look big and noticeable. The best way to do that is with white liquid eyeliner on your waterline. Add a bit of brown shadow to the crease. Go for the biggest and fluffiest pair of lashes you own. Stick to a nude lipstick but outline your lips with your favorite nude lip liner.

Tip: This princess vibe will look amazing with a lot of glitter. If you have any, place it all over your eyelids, hair and chest area. Don’t forget to throw on a gorgeous tiara as well.

Who It’s Best For:
People who like to look like true elegant divas are going to like this beautiful look. Don’t forget to round up the look with a pink dress as well.

3. Hot Cheetah

Cheetahs are always a popular and common go-to look. They are perfect for people who wish to look sexy and elegant at all given moments! A cheetah print will look attractive, and it will suit anyone.

How to Do It:
Make sure that you have 60 to 90 minutes to spare. Start with your foundation and cover your base with a flawless, full-coverage matte solution. On top of your skin, start drawing dots and cheetah prints. Use orange, brown and black eyeshadow or liquid eyeshadow to achieve a realistic spot pattern. Color the top of your nose in black eyeshadow to give it that animal-like effect. Don’t forget to wear a cheetah print outfit to round up your fantasy.

Tip: You can also use a semi-permanent, washable hair dye. Go for the hot, fiery red color to recreate a true cheetah look. This hair dye can be washed out in one to two attempts.

Who It’s Best For:
People who usually like to wear sexy outfits and noticeable looks. If you like cheetahs or animals in general and you want to throw on some high heels to feel powerful, this look is for you!

4. A Devil

Who does not love to look like a little daredevil? If you are a fan of loud, scary, dramatic and mystical looks, you are going to enjoy this one. Devil makeup and devil Halloween ideas will show that you are quirky yet creative, as well as a makeup fanatic.

How to Do It:
Start by buying red face makeup. These are not too pricey, yet they can last a while. Add a primer underneath and start blending your red dye. Once your entire base is colored, set it in place with a matte powder. Go for a matte black eyeshadow over your eyes to make them scary and demonic-like. You will finish off the look with black lipstick and dramatic ultra-long falsies.

Tip: You can take the look up a notch and buy some affordable horns. These can be placed on a headband for your practical wear.

Who It’s Best For:
People who love horror movies are going to enjoy this creation the most. If you are a horror lover and you like to DIY a lot of your looks on your own — give it a go.

Ready to look like a mean devil, true princess, hot cheetah, or funky ghost? We can’t wait to see what you end up choosing this Halloween!