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How to Build a DIY Makeup Palette

Tips and Tricks for Customizable Beauty

Make Your Own DIY Makeup Palette Like A Pro

There’s always a very fine line between makeup shopaholic and hoarder and many of us live right on that line. We simply cannot help it! With so many beauty releases, every single thing seems more desirable than your last purchase and collecting makeup has practically become a hobby. The magnetic DIY makeup palette has become a miracle discovery for us hoarders. Finally, we can pop all of our go-to products into one palette that we can always rely on. Storage gets easier and our makeup bags are more spacious.

Building your go-to makeup palette can be daunting. Whether you already have the products or you’re looking to start from scratch, it can be tricky to figure out what you need in there. We’re here to give you some tips and tricks on how to build the dream palette that’ll be all you need every day of the year.

DIY Makeup Palette: Tips for the Pro

Pay Attention

Before you pick out your favorites from your makeup collection and end up with a mountain on the floor, step away. Start the process by paying closer attention to your daily makeup routine.

While you work through the motions, step back and look at the products you find yourself picking out more than once a week. You’ll begin to notice patterns. Pick up on these and start to write down the products you find yourself reaching for most.

Split It Up

If you’re a serious hoarder/makeup addict, then you’re going to want to go for the biggest option possible for your DIY makeup palette. Draw an imaginary line down the center of the palette and dedicate one half to face products and the other half to eyeshadows so you have a nice balance to work with.

Step by Step

Start putting your palette together by narrowing things down to one product per step. Pick out only one powder, one blush, one bronzer, a contour shade etc. This may sound like a nightmare to any makeup lover but it has to be done!

Core Colors

Whether you’re an eyeshadow fanatic that goes for bold dramatic looks or whether you stick to simple looks, this palette should still consist of neutrals only. This way, you’ll have your base for absolutely any look and you’ll only have to reach for other eyeshadows in your collection for special occasions. As long as you have the core neutrals in here, you won’t end up with tens of palettes to create one look.

Build a Future

Once you have this core basics palette set up, test it out. Try to stick to using only this palette for a week. Over the week you’ll begin to realize that there are some things you still find yourself reaching for. Slowly add these staples to your palette. It’s all a process, and over time you’ll be left with your ultimate go-to palette.

DIY Makeup Palette: Tips for the Newbie

Get Basic

If you’re not a huge makeup hoarder then you’re looking to simply put together a DIY makeup palette that you can turn to every day. You’ll want a palette that contains the basics and all the powder products you need.

Start off with the basics, working through every makeup step and picking a product for that category. You’ll want to pick out the products you know work best for you and leave behind the faff of all the rest. Narrow it down to a single powder, bronzer, blush, and highlight.

Put It in Neutral

Everyday makeup looks generally work with simple neutral eyeshadows. All you really need is five core neutral eyeshadows. You’ll want to start with a flesh/yellow toned base color, a pale brown/orange transition color, a neutral shimmer in whichever undertone you prefer, and lastly a dark bold neutral brown that you can use to darken your look or create a smokey eye. These are all you’re going to need to create a variety of looks. You can throw the transition shade all over your lid for a wash of color, or even create the perfect smokey eye!