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Products for Excessive Facial Sweating

Face Sweating Remedies

Excessive facial sweating can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. Let’s be honest: no one wants to look like a hot, sweaty messy. Not only that, but sweat on the face can ruin your makeup, which is not ideal.

It’s normal to sweat, especially in a high climate, but when it’s too much it could be a sign of stress, extreme discomfort, a change in hormone levels, a side effect of medication, or hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis is a condition where you sweat far too much as a result of overactive sweat glands.

The good thing is that there are solutions and face sweating remedies. There are ways to prevent the issue so that you can have a sweat-free and clear face.

How to Stop Sweating on the Face

There are a few lifestyle changes you can add to your life to help reduce or stop sweating on the face.

It’s important to wash your skin often. Give your face a deep cleanse at the end of every day to get rid of oil and dirt build-up and to give your skin room to breathe.

Another tip is to avoid consuming spicy foods, as these can trigger a very sweaty face. If you have a taste for spice, then try to limit the amount out eat and try not to eat spicy foods often.

Also, be aware of certain activities or situations that might trigger excessive sweating, such as stress or an intensive workout sessions. You may not be able to avoid certain situations but you can learn to manage them. For example, if you’re prone to stress then you can try calming techniques, such as mindfulness, listening to music, and journaling.

If you think you might be suffering with hyperhidrosis and/or you’ve tried out all other options, then speak with your doctor. For people who suffer with hyperhidrosis, solutions include using prescription antiperspirants and botox injections.

Another solution to stop sweating on the face is to use sweat control face cream.

Sweat Control Face Cream

Excessive sweating ruins a makeup look, so it’s recommended that you use sweat-proof, oil-free, and waterproof makeup – which is perfect if you want to wear makeup to the gym – such as waterproof mascara, an oil free tinted moisturizer, or matte liquid lipstick.

To really keep a sweaty face at bay, make sure you add a sweat control face cream to your beauty and skincare collections. As well as stopping your face from sweating, sweat control face cream can keep your skin moisturized and smooth throughout the day.

To use sweat control face cream, apply it as a base before applying your makeup so that it comes into effect and stops the sweating. Alternatively, you can use sweat control cream as part of your morning skincare routine.

Excessive Face Sweating Remedies

In addition to implementing the solutions that will stop your face from sweating, there are a number of excessive face sweating remedies to try out. Here are some at-home remedies to try out.

As mentioned before, you should cleanse daily and bathe frequently to reduce skin bacteria and rid the skin of toxins and impurities.

Antiperspirant works to block out sweat so use antiperspirant before bed and in the morning as part of your beauty morning.

If you often drink a lot of coffee or products that are high in caffeine, then reduce this, because caffeine can increase the amount of sweat you produce. Also, reduce the amount of spicy foods you eat.

If you know that the day is going to be hot or humid, then take a small soft towel or flannel in your bag to help dry excess sweat, or use a handheld fan to cool yourself down. On a hot day, wear loose clothing and stay in cooler areas.

Use plain, unscented face powder to help absorb moisture and to cool your body down.

If you regularly exercise, then make sure you give yourself plenty of time to cool off after each session.

Last tip but certainly not least: keep yourself hydrated! Your body is at least 60% water, so keep it that way. Drink plenty of water every day to give your body a boost inside and out.

So to summarize, sweating is normal – it’s okay. But if it’s too much then it can make you feel uncomfortable and it can ruin your makeup look. To prevent – or reduce – sweating, it’s important to try out some lifestyle changes, such as eating less spicy food, drinking more water, and giving yourself time to cool off after exercise or on a hot day. To stop your makeup from being messed up by sweat, you should use sweat control face creams and products that are oil-free, sweat-proof, and waterproof.

Do you suffer with excessive facial sweating? If so, then how do you prevent it? Do you use sweat control face cream?