Two women wearing sequin dresses dancing at a party.

Top 8 Fall Fashion Trends for 2021

2021 Fall Fashion Trends

1. Sequin Mini Dress
A lot of women love to wear mini dresses, but a black sequin mini dress? This is going to be a huge hit in one to two months from now. Thanks to all the glitz and glamour that is currently trending online, as well as Red Carpet events, this item is going to be a staple! Wear it with your black heels and incorporate it into your night-out look. Add a pop of glitter to your eyes or stick to a black smoky eye to make it even more formal.

When to wear it: perfect for nighttime, clubs, and prom!

2. Tailored is Smart

If you are someone who loves to look smart and you are on the lookout for a business-appropriate outfit, you will adore this trend! In fact, you will be seeing a lot of tailored pieces, cozy wool jackets, as well as smart pants, that are being worn together. Materials such as polyester and cotton will be a total hit. A nude blazer with a pair of wool-tailored pants, as well as a mini clutch bag will do the magic!

When to wear it: the perfect outfit for your office or business wear.

3. Oversized Bomber Jackets

The puffer coat or an oversized bomber jacket will easily attract looks and attention. Brands such as Versace and Bottega Veneta have been creating some of the most stylish pieces that can tone down your look and make it everyday playful and simple! A bomber jacket that is one to two sizes bigger than your typical jacket and is exactly what you will need.

When to wear it: great for everyday wear.

4. Loud Patterns and Bold Colors

Some great news: if you are someone who loves to wear patterns you should know they are a must-have for this fall! The future is bright, bold, and primed for attracting attention. You can thank brands, such as Louis Vuitton, for bringing this classy and chic vibe back. You can get yourself a geometrical print shirt, skirt, or a long oversized baroque-inspired top! The louder, the better.

When to wear it: everyday wear or to work.

5. All Black With a Hint of Gold

For fall fashion trends in 2021, a sultry mini all-black look will be everywhere! You can rock an all-black mini dress anywhere you go, just leave a pop of gold when it comes to your makeup or accessories. A golden belt detail or some high heel golden pumps could also do the trick. Who says that black is boring? It is all about creating layers and depth.

When to wear it: great look for nighttime wear, birthdays, and parties.

6. Lime Green Colors

Lime green and pastel light colors have made a huge comeback this summer season, and it seems as if they are planning on staying for a little while. Lime green on top of lime green will work, and it will look phenomenal once you execute it the right way (which is why it is crucial to shop at the same store when combining such difficult colors). Consider going for a lime green blazer and shorts for both formal and informal wear.

When to wear it: everyday wear.

7. Quilted Textures

Zara managed to bring this trend back through their thick and chunky quilted bags, and it seems as if you can enjoy this fashionable trend in loads of different ways! Stick to jackets, puffers, or bags that have that quilted texture, and stay cozy and warm during chilly temperatures.

When to wear it: perfect for rainy or colder days.

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8. Vests

When it comes to fall fashion trends, fall is for layering, and what better place to start than with a cozy vest? Although it may seem a bit outdated and kind of old-fashioned, vests are huge and popular among youngsters who are not afraid of trying out bold trends. Go for a leather or denim dress over your turtleneck and spice up the look everywhere you go.

When to wear it: great for everyday wear.

Which Trend is Your Favorite?

So, which one trend out of these eight different fall fashion trends was your favorite? Are you someone who prefers low-key/minimalistic or loud and bold looks? As you can see, there is a bit of something for everyone!