This woman is learning how to apply false eyelashes.

Your Go-To Guide to Fake Lashes

The Go-to Guide to False Eyelashes

We all want dramatic lashes, whether we’re born with them or we try to grow them. Eyelashes really bring an entire look together — you can’t exactly slap on a full face of makeup and skip doing anything to your lashes without looking silly. If you don’t want to use mascara everyday, false eyelashes are an option, so here’s how to apply false eyelashes.

Most of us really begin to dabble in the world of makeup with mascara. They are simply essential. For as long as we can remember, false lashes have been around to help us out in that department. There’s no better way than to fake it till you make it, and falsies are the tools that help us do so!
Unfortunately, they’re also infamous for being the trickiest beauty product to deal with! That’s why we’ve put together a full-on guide about how to apply false eyelashes. Whether it be what type you need or how to apply them, we’ve got your back!

Strip it down or be an Individual!

The most basic fact you need to know when tackling fake lashes is the different types out there. At their most basic form, fake lashes come in two options; strip lashes or individual lashes.

Strip lashes are the most commonly recognized, this is basically when you have a full set of lashes placed onto a strip. However, with individuals you get tiny clusters of individual lashes.

Now, if you already feel pretty comfortable with your natural lashes and you’re just looking for a little extra oomph; individuals are the ones for you! They’re so versatile in the sense that you can either just add one or two to the ends of your lashes, or you can disperse them in areas where your lashes aren’t as full, the opportunities are endless!

For those less fortunate, strip lashes are your new best friends. Applying one of these will give you full on drama and the lashes you’ve always dreamed of!

What’s so amazing about both options is that you can mix them together! Suppose you buy a strip lash but feel that it could do with a bit more drama, all you have to do is add some individuals onto it! Or perhaps your strip lash is too dramatic — just cut off the ends and turn it into your own little half strip lash!

DO’s and DON’Ts of Fake Lashes

DO Prep Your Lashes

No matter how little lashes you have, you still need to take the extra time to curl them and apply mascara before wearing fake lashes. This is important to help your natural lashes and the fake ones blend together; you don’t want your naturals to be visible underneath — big no-no!

DON’T Buy Blindly

When knowing how to apply false eyelashes, it’s could to know what brands to buy and what brands to avoid. We often shop for fake lashes bearing in mind the lashes we wish we had, but it’s important to bear in mind what our lashes and our eyes actually look like. You don’t want to go too dramatic and drown out your eyes. Make sure you pick accordingly to what would work best with your own eyes!

DO Customize Your Lashes

This is especially important when it comes to strip lashes. Sometimes the strip’s band can be too long for your lash line, don’t be afraid to measure them up and trim off the excess to match them to your eyes!

DON’T Depend on The Glue They Come With

Most fake lashes you buy will come with a tiny vial of lash glue, more often than not this won’t work well. Make sure to buy your own lash glue that you can rely on, there are so many affordable options on the market- do your research.

DO Wait until the Glue Dries

The most rookie mistake made when applying lashes is to apply the glue and place it on your eyes while wet. The best tip we can give you is to let the glue dry on the lashes for a second until it gets tacky before applying to your lash line!

DON’T Wait Too Long…

Another big mistake can be waiting for ages and finding that the glue is too dry to adhere to your lash line. Don’t be afraid to touch it lightly to check that it is at the point where you want it; which is tacky but still slightly wet.

DO Take The Help You Can Get

Throughout this process, tweezers will be your new best friend! Trying to apply them using your fingertips makes you more prone to a big mess on your eyelids. Always use tweezers to apply them and then use your fingers to fix the edges.

DO Come At Your Eyes the Right Way

The easiest way you will ever apply your falsies is to look down and come in from the top. Looking straight ahead and trying to apply them straight on is always bound to make you miss the edges!

DON’T Rip Them Off

Nothing will be harsher on your own lashes than ripping them off your eyelids when the night is over. We all love that feeling, but it’s only harming your natural lashes and preventing you from being able to re-use your falsies –especially if you’re using a good lash glue.

DO Be Gentle with Removal

The best way to get the most use out of your lashes and to avoid hurting your own lashes is to remove them gently. Simply take a cotton pad with your makeup remover and gently pat your lash line as you would to remove your eye makeup. You will find that your falsies will come off smoothly and the glue will be removed from them.