Someone showing off their holiday nail deisgn.

Nail Designs to Rock the Holiday Season

Top 10 holiday Nail Designs

The holiday season is just around the corner and we know that we will be seeing a lot of red makeup, as well as a lot of red manicures and pedicures. However, do you feel like stepping out of your comfort zone and experimenting with more than just regular green and red polish colors? If so, we have gathered 10 different ways on how you should do your holiday nails! These will be a huge hit and will suit many different age groups, nail lengths, as well as nail shapes. Keep on reading, step out of the box and impress everyone with your choice.

Candy Cane

If you are someone who loves color – go for red and white but make it into a statement color. For instance, get a candy cane print on your index finger and color all your other nails in different shades of red and white. You can also play a bit with texture – go for glossy, sparkly or sequin red colors and different red finishes.

Wonderland Inspired

Dark, mystic and muted tones are for women who love cooler colors. Go for a wonderland inspired manicure by sticking with silver, chrome, grey and white nail polishes. You can color each of your nails in a different tone of grey and you can stick with tons of glitter and shimmer onto your ring fingernails. This manicure is a lot more playful. It is perfect for younger women and teens.

Sparkle Only

Some women love glitter, and those who do should go for either silver or gold colors. You should apply your favorite glitter shade only to the tips of your fingernails. Go for a subtle French manicure and enjoy this shimmery transition. It works and looks the best on shorter and oval shaped natural nails. It can work for every day wear, as well as party activities.

Holly Berries

Holly berries, also known as red and green nails, can look cute if you end up going for a retro and unique design. You should paint six to eight of your nails in red and do some drawings on your other two to four nails. Place a green mistletoe print on your index fingernails or go for some dark red berries. You can play around with different prints and stickers. If drawing is not your forte, ask your manicurist to give you something similar, we are sure they will ”nail” this art.

Minty and Grey

Women who like monochromatic, muted and cool manicures should go for a combination of silver and blue polish. These two represent the winter season the best and will look amazing on longer, square-shaped nails. You can color the nails on one of your hands grey and the other one can be mint or blue – it is totally up to you.

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Metallic Way

Metallic nails and metallic colors usually look amazing on shorter nails. You can go for gold, chrome, silver, or yellow nails since these usually pop the best. Go for the oval shape and you will love the simplicity with a dash of color. Make sure you repaint your nails more often than you are used to because metallic or chrome nail polishes fade the quickest.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

If you have some star stickers laying around, place them on all ten of your fingernails. Bright yellow or even red stars will look amazing, even if you end up having a simple white polish base underneath. The design itself is playful, as well as perfect for younger women or teens.

Chocolate Brown

A dark chocolate brown screams sophistication and is a common choice for mature women. Are you someone who likes darker colors, but you do not want to stick with typical reds or berries? If so, go for a dark brown and a glossy finish. This is an amazing and a must-have duo for the winter season.

Burgundy French

Some women only like French manicures since they are the prettiest and most appropriate for the office. However, this time around, switch up your French manicure and stick to a red nail tip. White is so basic, so focus on bringing some dimension, color and uniqueness to your fingernails.

Rhinestone Craze

Last, but not least, women who are thinking about going all out for a New Year’s Eve party will enjoy this design the most. If you love a lot of sparkle, drama, as well as rhinestone action, get large and sparkly nails! We recommend sticking to rhinestones on your index and ring fingers while coloring the rest of your nails in a beautiful nude color. Finish off the look with some gemstones and all eyes will be on you and your nails.