Someone showing summer nail designs against a pink background.

Top Trending Nail Designs for the Summer of 2020

What Are the Summer Nail Trends 2020?

Are you ready for the summer? Well, even though we are still in the middle of challenging times in the world, you can still get your nails looking cute and “on fleek” this season with the summer nail trends 2020.

Whether you are looking for ideas and inspiration, or you are looking to give your nails a boost this season, here are some of this season’s hottest trends to get you started. Now, it is time to get your nails summer ready for with summer nails trends 2020.


If you are a fan of cool blue tones, then try out this aquatic trend to make your nails emulate inspiration from the sea.


Pastel colors in beauty and fashion have been a firm favorite for many years now and it is not hard to see why. Pastels are perfect to give your nails a brighter and more colorful look. Choose from different shades, such as baby blues, mint green, lemon yellow, light corals, lilacs, etc. Take your pick! With pastel nails, it is super easy, and you cannot go wrong with this option.

Colored Tips

Similar to a French manicure, you can try to paint the tips of your nails with a bold color, such as electric blue, bright orange or hot pink. Choose a color to really make them stand out.

Feeling Fruity?

Patterns in nail art are pretty cool and fun to try out, as they give your nails some character. You can paint oranges, lemons, strawberries, lemons, pineapples or bananas.

Pops of Color

Mix and match with your nails with a two-tone combination of bold and pastel hues with nude colours.

Monochromatic Stripes

Even though monochrome is not really the go-to color combination for the summer, black and white stripes are pretty dynamic for the nails. Alternatively, if you really want to add some color, then go for colorful stripes instead.


Give your nails a “kiss from a rose” by painting pink, red, white or golden roses on your nails, or you can add floral patterns.

Glitter Tips

Give your tips some sparkle with a touch of glitter. Apply this by using glitter nail polish or by using eco-friendly, biodegradable glitter with glue.

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Another way to give your nails some much needed “sparkle” is to draw stars for an eye-catching manicure.


If you like using red, orange and yellow nail polish, why not try nail art in the form of flames to really make your nails stand out from the crowd?

Spotty and Dotty

Dotty nail art is a beauty trend that works all year round, but it is perfect for the summer. To create this, paint your nails with your favourite shade. Then, get a few cotton buds, cut off the ends, dip it in different nail color and dot this color all over your nails. It’s easy!

Animal Print

From zebra stripes to leopard spots, you can make your nails (and your outfits) look bold with animal prints.

Chromes and Metallic

Chromatic and metallic nail lacquers are a great way to give your nails a high shine, mirror-like finish.

Go Neon

Neon and fluorescent colors are extremely bright and eye-catching, so if you really want your nails to stand out, this is a perfect choice. Choose from shades such as neon green, yellow, orange and pink.


With many of us still stuck at home because of the pandemic, we missed out on tropical vacations, but we can bring out the tropical holiday inspiration by drawing tropical icons on our nails. Draw on palm trees, sunshine, coconuts and flamingos to give your nails those vacation vibes.


Ombre is not just a cool trend for the hair, it is also a cool trend for the nails. There are a number of techniques to help create this, but the key thing is to blend the two colors together to create the desired effect.


Even though a dark green nail shade is not the first choice for a summer nail trend, it is certainly set to be a trend for those who want to create a minimalist look with stylish nails. Opt for dark green nail hues that have a gel finish.

Soft Orange

Naturally, orange is a bright shade with the “wow” factor. But, if you want to opt-in for subtle tones, then a soft orange hue is your best bet.

Cartoon Clouds

Cartoon clouds offer summer vibes and they are pretty easy to create at home. All you need is a blue nail polish for the base, white nail lacquer for the clouds and an art brush.

Swirly Nails

Swirly nails give your nails an artistic edge. You can create swirly nails by dipping a sponge into your chosen nail polish and blotting on your nails.

Confetti Nails

Get your nails “party-ready” with confetti. Create this look by painting your nails with a clear base coat, sprinkling nail confetti and then sealing the look with a clear topcoat.

Mix and Match

Who says that all your nails have to be the same color? Mix and match with different shades, tones and textures.