Black woman wearing a neutral pink-brown lip gloss to accentuate her lips.

Lip Gloss is Making a Comeback

How to Find the Best Lip Gloss

You might remember lip gloss as a sticky, metallic glittery tube of trouble if you were wearing makeup in the nineties, but this beauty product is making a comeback in a big way. Gone are the days of metallic pink-purple shifts and artificial grape scents.

Advances in beauty technology and a renewed focus on comfortable lip products means there’s a huge range of comfortable lip glosses to choose from. Wondering how to make up your mind? Check out our guide to lip gloss and find the right one for you.

What You Need to Know

Lip gloss isn’t like its pigmented sisters in the lip makeup category. While lipstick and lip liner impart pigment on your lips, lip gloss primarily gives shine and shimmer.

Lip gloss makes your lips shiny, and that’s enough on its own, but it can also make your lips look larger. Getting larger lips is super trendy at the moment, and lip gloss is an easy way to give the illusion of larger lips without any of the surgery.

The glossy effect lip gloss gives is also a huge factor in making your pout just that little bit sexier. You can dab on some gloss even if you aren’t wearing any other makeup, and you’ll instantly look kissable!

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Lip gloss is by nature moist and hydrating, so if you want a beauty punch from your lip balm, try a lip gloss instead.

Finally, some people like lip gloss because of its flavor and scent. This is not true of all types of lip gloss, but many targeted at teens and young adults may have certain fruity flavors in them.

Choosing a Lip Gloss

The number one factor in choosing a lip gloss is the color. You can find lip glosses in every color in the rainbow, ranging from neutral pinks and browns through to purples and reds, and even more unusual shades.

If color’s not your jam, neutral shades and clear lip glosses are available. A clear product is perhaps the most versatile, as you can layer it over any lipstick shade or even your bare lips for a multitude of looks. Worn alone, clear lip glosses highlight the natural color of your lips and give just a little sheen and shine.


Lip glosses are available at all budgets, from something you pick up at the grocery store through to luxury high-end products.

Truthfully, this is a product where you can afford to go budget. There’s not a lot of technology involved in creating lip gloss, so if you buy a more expensive one, you’re mostly paying for the brand name and the packaging.

That being said, very cheap glosses may be sticky and uncomfortable on the lips. Most drugstore brands offer lipglosses at a price balancing quality and affordability.