We’ve rounded up some of our favorite practical and pretty makeup storage ideas

10 Clever Makeup Storage Ideas

Creative Ways to Keep Your Makeup Collection Organized

Keeping control of your ever-growing makeup collection can be difficult if you’re a beauty addict, and it’s always a challenge to know how best to store all of your precious goods — especially if you’re strapped for money and space.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite practical and pretty makeup storage ideas, so you can effectively store your beauty products no matter your space or financial limitations.

Acrylic Drawers

Whether your collection is small and concise or you’re overloaded with makeup products, it’s always useful to be able to see your makeup in front of you to inspire your look of the day. Instead of hiding away your makeup, store it in clear acrylic containers so you can see everything in one go. You can style your acrylic drawers however you like, choosing different sizes and shapes for various beauty bits. A classic and sophisticated solution.

Magnetic Makeup Board

Make sure your makeup is always in reach by creating your own magnetic makeup board. For this DIY makeup storage solution all you need is a magnetic board, which you can decorate with fabric for a personalized feel, and some small magnetic strips to attach onto all your favorite makeup products. Keep your collection fresh by regularly rotating what goes on your board.

Display on a Cake Stand

Some makeup is far too pretty to be shoved away in a drawer and deserves to have a stand of its own. Treat yourself to a cake stand then style it with all your favorite lipsticks and perfumes. You can even put jewellery on it for a complete style vanity. Not only will you have everything in reach, but your stand will look like a work of art in its own right.

Drawer Dividers

If you do store your makeup in a set of drawers, keep things under control by carefully dividing each drawer to organize and store your makeup. You can use kitchen utensil trays, old makeup boxes or food storage containers to section out your makeup, so you can keep your foundations separate from your lipsticks, which are separate from your eye shadows, making everything super easy to find. Invest in a label maker to make both the insides and outsides of your drawers that much clearer.

Spice Racks

Spice racks don’t just work well for your oregano and rosemary; they do a great job at storing nail polishes, perfumes and lipsticks. Customize your spice rack by painting it in a bold color, then line up your beauty products for a pretty wall piece.

Drying Racks

Spice racks aren’t the only thing from your kitchen that make clever beauty storage solutions — dish drying racks are also a great choice for storing palettes. Simply slot in your eyeshadow and face palettes into the dividers to clearly see your collection. You can also store eyeshadow singles and lipsticks in ice cube trays.

Mason Jars and Mugs

Makeup brushes should always be stored upright to ensure they keep their shape and last as long as they should. Mason jars are the perfect height, size and shape to store your brushes, and you can customize them with labels and paints to give them a personalized feel. Adding ribbon is a gorgeous way to do up a mason jar so it’s makeup brush ready. Alternatively, choose a pretty mug to pop your brushes into.

Old Candle Holders

Candles are more often than not housed in beautiful packaging that just shouldn’t go to waste. Put all your used candle containers to good use by storing lipsticks, cotton balls, brushes and liners in them. Perfect for both display and practicality, this is a great upcycling solution.

Cookie Jars

Glass cookie jars are the perfect size and shape for storing all your makeup products, and allow you to easily see your collection and find your favorites. You can even attach them to a board to hang on the wall for a gorgeous display.

Hooks for Your Hot Tools

Curlers, straighteners and hairdryers can take up a lot of space, and with all those wires they can look pretty ugly too. Hiding your hair styling tools in a cupboard is a good way to keep things looking pretty, but those wires can tangle up pretty fast! Instead attach some hooks to the inside of a wardrobe or cupboard door and hook your hot tools on them. This way they’re quick and easy to reach, there’s no tangled wires and they’re out of sight!

Managing your makeup doesn’t have to be ugly and stressful. With our clever storage solutions you can create a personalized system that works for you and your collection.