mature woman applying makeup with a beauty sponge

How To Use Powder Concealer

Is Powder Always the Best Choice?

Be honest, how many times have you heard of powder concealer? Most of us are not aware that such a product exists on the market, primarily because of the overwhelming monopoly of its liquid brother and cream sister.

But powder concealer is a thing, and it does exist, and moreover, it is quite an exciting product that you can try and explore the unknown of the makeup world.

So let’s dive into it and see what the powder concealer is, how it works, what’s the difference in performance between powder and liquid, what to look for in your perfect product, and just how to apply it!

What is Powder Concealer?

Girl, we know how this sounds. Powder concealer, really? What’s next, powder lipstick? However, this product is not nearly as weird as one might think.

Powder concealer’s description is in the name; it is a concealer meant to brighten the skin, cover pigmentation such as dark circles and blemishes, and provide coverage for other flaws you might want to cover. This product will be perfect for people who are looking to conceal evidence of the party from the night before while still preserving the natural look of the skin.

It is in powder form, and it strongly resembles powder foundation, but it is way more pigmented.

The powder concealer has a gentler formula, so it is perfect for individuals with sensitive skin, as well as those with oily skin who need something to mattify the area they are trying to correct, especially on those no-makeup makeup days.

It is quite long-lasting and does not need to be set, as it is already in powder form, so it is perfect for those who need more longevity of their makeup.

Powder vs. Liquid Concealer

Liquid concealers are prevalent on the market and are generally considered easy to apply and blend. However, they do tend to crease a lot, and they need to be set with powder, unlike the powder concealers that do not
require that step.

Makeup lovers with dry skin will probably benefit more from a liquid formula, while those with oily skin will love the powder concealer, as it will kill the shine and provide a matte canvas with a natural finish.

However, if you are after a more dewy look, stick with liquid or cream concealers, as powder ones will mattify the area and won’t reflect as much light.

What to look for?

Let’s see which powder concealer will suit your skin needs.

First of all, think about your skin sensitivity. Powder concealers are usually more gentle as they contain natural ingredients, so your skin will probably benefit from the use of such product. Most of these concealers are formulated without parabens, oils, and fragrances, which is perfect for sensitive skin types.

Next, if you have acne-prone skin, using the powder concealer with a non-comedogenic formula will help. This product will not clog your pores and will let your skin breathe. There are powder concealers on the market that have SPF built in, which helps with sun protection.

However, since these concealers are not as popular as their cream or liquid counterparts, the shade range is not the best, so you would have to spend more time searching to find your perfect match.

How to Apply Powder Concealer?

Finally, let’s get down to business – what’s the best way to use the powder concealers?

First of all, since powder under liquid equals disaster, if you are using liquid foundation apply that first and then proceed to use the powder. If you are using powder foundation, you can apply some concealer before, and some after for added coverage and highlighting effect.

Use a damp beauty sponge or a brush to apply the product to your face. Focus it under your eyes to conceal the dark circles and lift the skin. Apply some to your blemishes and other discoloration.

Always choose at least one shade lighter than your skin tone or foundation to avoid looking muddy, and to achieve the highlighting effect we all are looking for.

If you are scared that you are using too much powder on your face, spritz a bit of setting spray or fixing fluid between the layers to make everything melt with the skin and achieve seamless perfection. Since powder products mattify the face and do not reflect light, you can opt for a shimmery formula for your face powder to achieve a natural look and avoid appearing too matte.

This formula is perfect for mature skin, as it will not seep into the fine lines and wrinkles and make you look older. Instead, powder concealers will hide those fine lines and smooth out the surface of the skin, and provide enough coverage without looking cakey.

It will also last longer, so it is perfect for individuals who spend their entire day at work without many chances to fix their makeup and reapply the products every few hours.