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How to Get “Beach Waves” Hair for Summer 2018

Get The Summer 2018 Hairstyle

With the warmer weather right around the corner, it’s the best time to start practicing your beach waves hair for summer 2018. Beach waves are a look that will never go out of fashion, because they look effortlessly chic and undone.

While we all wish we could roll out of bed or strut out of the sea with our beach waves good to go, it’s never quite as easy as that, and it requires a little time and effort. However, you shouldn’t fret, as there are plenty of ways to achieve this look without heading down to your local beach. Once mastered, beach waves hair can be your go-to daily hairstyle all summer long, for that cool-girl chic look and vibe.

Prepare Your Hair

Working with clean and glossy hair isn’t going to be ideal if you want to achieve beach waves in your hair. You’ll need a bit of grit and texture to hold the style in place. We recommend either using second-day hair before attempting to style, or using a hair mousse to add in texture and hold.

Using Hair Straighteners

Flat irons aren’t just good for creating smooth and straight locks. They can be carefully twisted to create a gorgeous, beachy wave. This isn’t the easiest method, and will require some practice, but once you master the hair straightening twist then you can enjoy complete versatility with your beach waves.

The trick is to twist your straightener as you go from the roots to the tips, allowing the sectioned hair to curl with the movement of the flat iron. To get true beach waves hair, remember to make this as random as possible. We recommend taking different sized sections of hair to create a non-uniform look.

Straightening Your Twists

Another way to use your flat iron to master beach waves hair is to twist sections of your hair, and then run your straightener down them to create soft and subtle waves. First, divide your hair into sections and twist them individually, then twist two sections together in the other direction and straighten. Start from the top and work your way through the lengths of your hair.

This is one of the fastest ways to create beach waves, but it may not last as long as some of the other methods.

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Use a Curling Wand Designed Specifically for Waves

The availability of hot tools has dramatically increased over the last ten years, with people keen on experimenting with their hair at home. Gone are the days when there was just one type of curling wand. Now we see all different types of tools, for different styles and hair lengths. Using a wave-specific curling wand is the perfect way to achieve beach waves hair. This tool will also give you long-lasting results. Curling wands tend to have straighter and wider barrels than tapered curling wands, which will create loose waves and subtle movement.

Air Drying Braids

If you aren’t keen on using hot tools on your delicate locks, we recommend trying the good old-fashioned method of air drying your braids. Simply braid your wet hair into a braid of your choice, whether French, Dutch, or fishtail, and allow it to air dry. Remember not to comb through your hair once it has been unleashed as this may cause frizz. Instead, just run your fingers through your hair to add back definition.

You can also try this method with dry hair and sleep on it overnight. You will wake up to some gorgeous, soft waves.

Brush Out Tighter Curls

Curling your hair with a traditional curling wand will leave you with beautiful curls. They will be tight or loose, depending on the barrel. A great way to revive second day or even third day curls is to gently brush them, which will give you stunning beach waves hair.

The key is to use a soft brush. You don’t want to use harsh bristles or a comb as this will cause frizz and fluffiness. Concentrate on the lengths and ends of your hair, and let them fall out even more throughout the day for an undone look.

Finish Your Beach Hair Waves with Sea Salt Spray

The most important step in transforming your waves from soft and glossy curls to that effortless beach waves hair is to use a sea salt spray. Just like the sea, sea salt spray is packed with salts that add texture and definition to your curls, and are a must-have for finishing your look.

Whether you’ve brushed out your curls, slept with braids in, or done some handy work with your flat irons, using a sea salt spray is the best way to achieve that overall beachy look for the summer.