Learn how to heal cracked lips to get healthy, smooth lips like this woman's.

Genius Ways to Avoid Cracked and Chapped Lips

Avoiding Cracked and Chapped Lips

If you had a few aesthetic wishes, one of them might involve never having chapped lips again. You don’t need magic to make this wish come to fruition; instead, you can integrate new steps into your routine to help you learn how to heal cracked lips. Your lips will look smooth and shiny no matter what elements you encounter.

Rule out Medical Issues

Most people have chapped lips at some point in their lives, and you don’t need to run to the doctor just because your lips aren’t looking smooth.

However, if you constantly find that your lips are cracked and chapped for seemingly no reason, then the time has likely come to rule out a medical cause. You may have lips that are more sensitive than most, and your doctor can help you figure out what the cause is and how to prevent it from interfering with your life.

Know Your Triggers

Start to pay attention to when your lips get really chapped. For example, you may notice that you start wondering how to heal cracked lips when they crop up during the winter. That doesn’t mean you can never leave your house to enjoy the beauty of the snow, but it does mean that you may have to take extra precautions during that season.

Also, you may discover that certain products cause your lips to get chapped. If you always notice your lips chapping after you put on scented lip products, then the time has come to change to a scentless one.

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Brush Your Lips

If you have never heard the suggestion to brush your lips before, you might think that sounds unusual. However, brushing your lips can help you to remove the dead skin.

Use an old toothbrush—definitely not the same one you use on your teeth. Gentle brushing will exfoliate and smooth your lips.

When you brush your lips for the first time, you may notice that they immediately feel more smooth. Then, you can apply a product intended for chapped lips to help protect against further chapping.

Choose the Right Products

Part of the problem might be that you are using the wrong products for your lips. For example, if you have seriously chapped lips, then you might need to purchase medicated  products like Carmex.

On the other hand, you may just not apply the products enough throughout the day. Apply lip balm first thing in the morning. However, if you leave the tube at home, then you cannot apply throughout the day. Carry it with you and top up whenever you feel a little dry.

Keeping that in mind… it’s possible to overdo it, and apply too much lip balm. If you feel completely reliant on it, you might want to wean yourself off applying it every ten minutes.

Lip Color

When you have chapped lips, you might think that a colorless tube is your only option. While that could prove true based on certain medical conditions, you generally have the choice to still dress up your mouth with lip products.

The idea is to know what triggers you to get chapped lips, and that might take a little bit of trial and error. Common irritating ingredients that can exacerbate chapped and cracked lips are cinnamon, menthol and citrus oils.

Choose lipstick products that are balmy and hydrating. You’ll be better off with a lip gloss or creamy, moisturizing lipstick than a dry, chalky matte or liquid lipstick. Anything that feels comfortable on your lips is a good choice.

Lastly, avoid lip plumpers or anything that promises to give bigger lips.Most lip plumping products contain irritants that cause your lips to puff up—not so appealing after all!

Chapped and cracked lips are problems that plague a lot of people, but if you narrow down the cause and take some steps to heal them, you’ll be back to a plump and hydrated pout in no time.