Summer nail polish on toes sticking out a car window.

Nail It With Summer Nail Polish Colors

Summer Nail Polish Colors That Nail It!

The summer season approaches, and it’s once again time to transform your bare fingers and toes with just the right nail color to complement the season. Pick the right color to highlight your new tan—and your new sandals will look so much better with painted toenails peeking out.

There are unlimited choices when it comes to nail color, but don’t just reach for the same color as last year. Refresh your look with a bright and exciting summer nail polish, or find a new neutral to complement your skintone.

Pick a Healthy Formula

Nail polish of old meant inhaling fumes while you decorated your fingers and toes, but modern formulas are healthy and environmentally friendly. If you’re conscious of what you’re putting on your body, you can find natural, non-toxic formulas and eco-friendly formulations. Look for nail polish labeled ‘3-free’ or ‘5-free’. Some brands to look out for when you update your summer nail polish collection are Butter London, Deborah Lippmann and Pacifica.

Painting your nails together is a fun summer activity to do with your kids. Choosing a safer formulation gives you peace of mind that you’re not introducing them to irritating or toxic ingredients.

Regular or Gel?

Your summer nail polish works harder than it does in winter, getting exposed to sun, sand and chlorine. To make sure your nail polish lasts the distance through pool parties, vacations and fun on the beach, you might need to upgrade from your regular nail polish formula.

We’re not suggesting you have to go to the salon for a professional manicure or pedicure (although that’s always a lovely treat). Advances in gel nail polish technology mean you can get at-home gel kits. There are even gel-like formulas that don’t require fussing with sticky base- or top-coats and UV lamps. Essie’s Gel Couture range is an easy two-step system that gives up to two weeks of shiny gel-like wear.

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Summer Nail Polish Colors

Popular summer color choices for hands and feet extend beyond the traditional red, pink or nude. Add a pop of color to your summer holiday look with one of the latest trendy shades of nail varnish, and go for something out of the ordinary.

To make your summer tan pop, choose a cream pastel shade or a bright neon formula. The contrast will dial up your bronze. Start with neon pink or orange if lurid green or yellow scares you. Layer a neon shade over a base coat of white to make the color really stand out.

If the idea of any color puts you off,  get the same effect with a creamy white or nude shade. Nude is a supermodel essential, and once you’ve found the one, you can rely on it all summer.

Top It Off

Every manicure or pedicure needs a top coat. One coat of clear nail polish gives longevity and locks in the shine. Make it a habit!

Finish-wise, you’ve got so much to choose from. Your toes will sparkle in the sand with a glitter top coat. As an added bonus, the glitter top coat helps polish stay on for longer. How about gold or bronze to set off your tan?

For something more modern and fashion-forward, choose a matte top coat. These work with any nail polish, regardless of brand, and instantly make a statement. Matte top coats look particularly good over dark colors.

Summer Nail Art

If a basic manicure bores you, make the most of your summer spare time and try out some nail art. Gradient nails are especially trendy—you can do a basic ombre where two polishes fade into each other, or make it more elaborate. Alternatively, pick up a dotting tool and get the cutest polka-dot nails.

Summer nail color and summer fashion go hand-in-hand, and no summer look is complete without decorated fingers and toes. Express yourself this summer with fun summer nail polish!