Blush made out of sustainable products.

Changing the World With Sustainable Makeup

Sustainable Makeup

The topic of sustainability is more important now than ever. It is a matter affecting all industries. This includes travel, food, fashion and technology. Beauty is not the exception to this.

The good thing is sustainability in beauty is important. It is not a trend of the moment. Sustainable beauty is in demand as a result of an increase in awareness.

If you are a lover of makeup, then you can still enjoy using these products. The best way to do this is to use sustainable makeup.

What is Sustainable Makeup?

Sustainable makeup is referring to makeup that is environmentally friendly. It is also referring to makeup with natural ingredients. Sustainable makeup is known as eco-friendly makeup and green makeup.

What Makes a Beauty Product Sustainable?

Many brands label their products as “green”, “sustainable” or “eco-friendly” to drive profit. They do this even though those products do not fall under that category. This is known as green washing. It is something to watch out for.

When looking to switching to sustainable makeup do research. Assuming a product is sustainable because of the label is not wise. There are plenty of articles and blog posts out there providing the right information. There are bloggers, vloggers, influencers and beauty journalists who specialize in sustainable beauty. They will definitely give you some pointers on the best green products to buy.

Requirements for Products to be Considered Sustainable

  • Social responsibility – Benefiting the communities involved in manufacturing the product (e.g. fair trade.) Community outreach and collaborating with non-profit organizations are very important.
  • Environmental impact – Creating components that do not harm the environment. Also, the product should not negatively impact the environment throughout the process, from sourcing ingredients to creation.
  • Waste reduction – Packaging should be reusable or recyclable.
  • Energy and water usage – Creating, storing and manufacturing the product should require as low usage of water and energy as possible.
  • Culture – There should be a culture of sustainability within the beauty brand.
  • Purchasing and packaging – Purchasing and packaging practices should be eco-friendly.
  • Additional principles – Sustainable beauty products usually have other principles in addition to sustainability, such as veganism, cruelty free, palm oil free, etc.

Why Switch to Sustainable Makeup?

Switching to sustainable makeup is one of the best things you can do. Cleaning up the environment, it is beneficial for your beauty routine and for the world.

Sustainable makeup is made with natural and organic ingredients that are free from harsh (and potentially harmful) chemicals. Also, sustainable makeup is normally designed with packaging that is recyclable, so you will not find yourself contributing to more waste in landfill.

Using sustainable makeup is one of the ways to give back to society and project the environment.

Popular Sustainable Makeup Brands

There is a lot of green washing in the beauty industry, but there are plenty of sustainable makeup brands that you can try out. Here are some genuine brands to check out.


If you a luxury lipstick lover, then check out Axiology. It is 100% vegan. The ingredients in Axiology lipsticks are formulated with organic ingredients (such as natural essential oils and extracts) so your lips will look and feel smooth. Select from a variety of different shades. There is red, orange and purple.


Lush is known for hand made bath bombs, It also has a wide range of makeup. Its products are cruelty free and vegetarian. They are made with ethical ingredients and recyclable packaging.

Elate Beauty

Elate Beauty Cosmetics aim to create makeup that does not harm your health, animals or the environment. This means that it offers zero waste, cruelty free and vegan makeup. They make products for the eyes, face and lips. You can even create your own custom palettes.

BareFaced Beauty

BareFaced Beauty is a brand that creates cosmetic products that are free from chemicals and synthetic fragrances. It is cruelty free and certified vegan friendly by the Vegan Society. The products are ethically sourced and suitable for sensitive skin.

Do you use sustainable makeup? What are your favourite sustainable brands?