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7 Makeup Tips to Make Your Daily Routine Easier

Our Top Makeup Tips

No matter whether you spend five minutes or fifty minutes on your morning beauty routine, everyone appreciates saving a little bit of time for a few extra minutes in bed. We’ve rounded up some of our best makeup tips on how you can make your daily routine that much easier.

Keep your makeup organized

The worst thing in the morning is when you’re searching so desperately for that perfect nude lipstick, but it’s just nowhere to be seen. If you’re looking at your makeup collection now and it’s in various different drawers, makeup bags and pockets, then it’s time to have an organization one Sunday afternoon.

Keeping your makeup organized not only helps with finding products much easier but you may also rediscover a few old gems that you had forgotten all about.

Start by clearing out all of your expired and broken products, or makeup that you just don’t want anymore. Then section out everything else you own into categories. How you organize your makeup is up to you. Keeping everything sectioned off and within easy reach will help you find everything much easier on those miserable mornings.

Separate out your everyday makeup

When you’re organizing your makeup it’s always best to hold back your everyday essentials so if needs be you can easily grab them and go. Whether it’s your holy grail foundation, or your trusty tweezers, all your essentials and everyday favorites should be in one place.

Consider storing them in a separate makeup bag, drawer or their own acrylic storage, and once every now and again switch things up so you can explore more of your makeup collection.

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Always color match your foundation

Color matching can be a pain, especially if you’re in the drugstore. But it saves a lot of time in the long run as you don’t have to faff with bronzing a light foundation up or, even worse, trying to lighten a foundation which is clearly much too dark. If you have the right shade to begin with, blending will feel effortless and easy as it will blend seamlessly into your natural skin tone.

Find a one swipe eyeshadow

Whilst we all enjoy blending out the perfect transition shade and mastering the smoky eye, sometimes we just don’t have the time and need to rely on single eyeshadow shades to get us through the day.

Eyeshadows with an iridescent or multi-tonal look are perfect for the job. These can be swiped on and blended out for an effortlessly chic look. We love the NARS Dual-Intensity Eyeshadows which can be applied either wet or dry, and the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Sticks which have a beautiful cream formula for the easiest and quickest blending.

Create your own eyeshadow palette

It’s very hard to find an eyeshadow palette where you use and love every single shade. Creating your own eyeshadow palette is one of our best makeup tips for how to nail down your everyday look for complete personalization. We recommend palettes from Anastasia Beverly Hills and MAC, and it’s always best to start off with a travel-friendly quad.

If you want to make your routine even easier, include a brow shade and a liner shade in your quad so you can easily attend to all your eye and brow needs in one palette.

Opt for a blush and lip duo

Multi-use products are always favorable if you want to make your daily beauty routine both quicker and easier. One of our favorites is the blush and lip duo. Not only do they bring your entire look together but they also are great for touch-ups throughout the day as you have to carry fewer products around.

Always look out for a product which has been specifically designed for both as not all cream blushers will be moisturizing enough for the lips, and not all lipsticks will blend easily for blush. The NARS Multiples come in a whole range of shades which can be used as blushers, lip colors, bronzers, highlighters and even eyeshadows. A must-have in your makeup collection.

Avoid bold lipsticks

There’s no question about it, a bold lip takes a lot more effort in both application and touch-ups throughout the day. If you’re wanting a fuss-free routine, one of our most essential makeup tips it’s best to save the bold lip for special events, and stick with neutral shades and sheer formulations. Tinted lip balms are great for everyday use as they deliver a subtle hint of color for healthier-looking lips and the nourishment that they need. The Dior Lip Glow is a cult-classic for its custom coloring and moisturizing formulation.

Sorting and refining your makeup collection is key if you want to simplify your daily beauty routine. Once you’re armed with the right products and they’re stored away in easy to grab places, then you will no doubt save time in the morning and can enjoy that lie in!