A girl washing her face with a cleanser that is good for sensitive skin.

What not to Use in Your Skincare Routine

Things You Should Never Put on Your Face

Did you know that the average woman uses 16 products for skincare? With this many products being used in only one day, it is easy to that the beauty and skincare industry is booming. However, some things should never be put on your face for health reasons. If you want to learn about some harmful products which you should avoid, keep on reading.

Top 10 Items Which You Should Never Put on Your Face

Body Lotion

We have all probably used body lotion as face moisturizer before, however this is not ideal. Body lotions are made for the body. Our face is way more delicate than what covers our arms and legs. Using body lotion on your face can cause clogged pores and breakouts.

An alternative should be a higher quality day cream which you can use both at day and night. There is no reason to spend extra money on different kinds.


Applying toothpaste on top of a zit is a myth which does not work. Toothpaste should not be your go-to zit zapper since it can dry out your skin.

An alternative should be salicylic acid since it can get rid of dead skin cells and fight off acne while not irritating your skin.


We were thought as kids that we can use soap on our face. As we age we start to realize that this may not be the best move. A bar of soap is not delicate enough and it will strip your skin of its nutrients, as well as natural oils.

Use any face wash over soap. Use something mild and natural to help with the overall sensitivity of your skin.


Hairspray should only be used on your hair and should be kept away from your face for good. Some women love to use it as their makeup setting spray, which is harmful because it contains alcohol which can strip your skin’s moisture.

Instead, use an actual setting spray to set your makeup in place. Actual setting sprays can also destroy bacteria while keeping your makeup intact.

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Hot Water

We all love to take hot showers, but sometimes the water can get too hot. Hot water will strip away your natural oils and can leave your skin red and itchy. This can eventually even cause eczema. Bathe in lukewarm water to fight off bacteria.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Plenty of people reach for hydrogen peroxide as their solution for cuts. This is fine and it will not damage your skin, but only if you use it sparingly and not frequently in your skincare routine. Reapplying the peroxide and using it on a regular basis as a cleanser or as a lightening solution can irritate your skin. It is also quite toxic.

Expired Products

All of your groceries have expiration dates and so does your makeup. Our makeup, skincare and hair care items expire. Once they do we should throw them away. Your products, once expired, will stop working and can cause skin irritation. It can also leave you with inflammation.

A helpful tool to avoid this is the calendar on your phone. Plug in the expiry date of each beauty product you get so you know when it is time to throw it out. This is super helpful and easy to do as you shop. Do not let your items pile up. This can become confusing to track.

Hair Dye

How many times have you thought about bleaching your eyebrows or coloring them with your favorite hair dye and how many times has your hairdresser told you not to? There is a good reason for that. Home dyes have too much peroxide which can burn your brows.

If you want to fix your eyebrows, try to bleach them professionally. If you do not have time or the right budget for that, you can color them with your favorite light brow pencil or brow pomade. This will do quite a lot in just two minutes. Just make sure your brows are properly cut and shaped beforehand.


Some women use actual glue on top of their skin because it is so pleasing to peel off. Some also think of it as their own DIY project for removing blackheads. However, when applying this you can cause irritations as well as hypersensitivity, which can result in scarring.

This time around, if you want to DIY your own face mask try to use something natural – like oatmeal. You can also use chamomile tea to relieve itchy eyes, as well as irritated skin.


Way too many beauty hacks involve the use of lemons. However, this fruit’s juice is bad to use because it will dry out your skin and cause irritation. Also, lemons can make your skin sensitive to light. Did you know that the juice can stay in your pores for up to 24 hours? Do not use lemons, limes or oranges since these citruses can be too harsh on your skin.