find out how to get rid of wrinkles

Skincare Tips for Minimizing Wrinkles

Skincare Tips—Find Out How to Prevent Wrinkles

Who doesn’t love the feeling of flawless baby smooth skin? It’s true that we hate to age. With fine lines becoming our arch-enemy we are always looking for how to prevent wrinkles.

As we age we can’t help but accumulate wrinkles over time—even with the most expensive skin care treatments and cosmetic procedures we can’t turn back the clock. With plenty of products promising to reverse the signs of aging overnight, preventing wrinkles before they develop is your best bet.

Wrinkles can be caused by a number of reasons: stress, facial expressions and the passage of time. Having a skincare regimen before your 30s will easily keep fine lines at bay for a little longer.

To keep your skin looking smooth and baby-soft for years down the road, we’ve listed a few helpful tips and tricks for how to prevent wrinkles before it’s too late!

Top Causes of Wrinkles

There are plenty of reasons why wrinkles can start to form before your 40s. The top causes should be considered if you are struggling to keep wrinkles at bay.

1. Using a Harsh Soap

Always use a mild cleanser is meant for your face. Using a soap bar loaded with SLS can strip the skin and cause extreme dehydration.

If you have been using a bar of soap to wash your face, reversing the effect with effective serums and oils will bring back the natural texture of your skin. Go for cleansers with moisturizers built in to soften the skin as you cleanse. There are a few facial beauty bars that are easy on the skin. If your skin feels tight after using any product chances are it’s stripping away the excess oils.

2. Not Washing Your Face Daily

It goes without saying that it is important to wash your face every morning and night. While natural oils might nourish your skin, excess oils, dirt and debris on can clog your pores and leave your skin looking unhealthy.

Use a gentle cleanser in the morning and an exfoliating face wash at night will help keep your skin free from buildup of toxins. If your skin leans on the drier side, a hydrating cleanser or a cleansing oil will cleanse your skin without causing dehydration.

3. Skipping Moisturizers and Serums

Hydrating your skin is important to prevent premature wrinkles and fine lines. Never skip out on using a moisturizer during the daytime and before you go to sleep. Even if your skin is on the oily side, an oil-free moisturizer will soften the skin throughout the day.

An effective night time serum is ideal for maturing skin since it will soak up moisture as you sleep. Who doesn’t want to wake up to softer skin?

4. Avoiding SPF

UV rays are the leading cause of fine lines and premature wrinkles. If you love being under the sun for a natural tan, chances are your skin is taking a beating. A high content SPF is essential to prevent wrinkles, especially if you’re going to be under the sun for hours at a time.

Even if you’re headed out during the day, an SPF 15 is recommend daily for a protective layer against any sun exposure. Excessive sun exposure day by day can cause premature aging. Over time fine lines can turn into deep set wrinkles caused by aging or not protecting your skin from ultraviolet rays.

Fight Wrinkles with Home-Made Face Packs

These natural face packs contain antioxidants and collagen that will hydrate, tighten and treat wrinkles. Generic facial packs from different brands can be expensive and ineffective, a few homemade wrinkle smoother concoctions can help deliver visible results.

Egg White and Lemon Juice

Egg whites are known to tighten pores and extract blackheads. When used with lemon juice, the vitamin C will help your body produce collagen to keep your skin tight and healthy.

To make this, beat 1 egg white until it becomes a white paste then mix lemon juice into the egg whites. Apply it onto your entire face using a brush and let it dry for 15-20 minutes. Once dried, it can be washed off with a warm washcloth. Use this mixture every other day to diminish wrinkles.

Cucumber and Honey

The antioxidants in cucumbers helps to plump and rejuvenate the skin since it’s more than 95 percent water. When combined with honey it forms a paste that can easily be used on the skin.

To make this chop 1 cucumber and blend it into a paste, mix in 1 tablespoon honey and apply it any areas prone to wrinkles. Allow it to sit on the skin for 30 minutes and then rinse off. Use it every other day for best results.

While you can still continue life without a skincare routine, wrinkles can creep up at any age. These preventative tips will keep those pesky fine lines from forming!