top hairstyles for 2023

Top Hairstyles for 2023

Your Guide to the Top Hairstyles for 2023

The year 2023 is just around the corner!

With a new year comes new beginnings, a fresh start, and a chance to achieve important goals and resolutions. It’s also a time to explore a new you, and that includes an updated appearance and a different hairstyle!

Next year will come with some trendy hairstyles to make your tresses rock, stand out, and look amazing, with a retro inspiration from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s – plus a modern twist. So, here is a list featuring the top hairstyles for 2023.

Textured layers

Perfect for all hair lengths (long, short, and mid-length), this gorgeous hairstyle is perfect for all seasons and occasions and provides plenty of volume and definition without too much effort. Embrace this style as one of the most popular spring hairstyles or summer hairstyles set to trend next year.

Short and wild curls

If you have short curls, wear them with pride instead of taming the frizz. This style stands out from the other short hairstyles because it’s bold and represents fun, sassiness, and cuteness. With the right products, you can rock this hairstyle next year and make your curls stand out from the crowd.

This hairstyle works best as part of a casual, fun look. And if you don’t have curls, no worry: this is one of those 2023 short hairstyles that are pretty easy to achieve. All you need is a curling wand, hair serum/curling custard, and a setting spray. Apply the hair serum/curling custard, curl as desired, then seal and set the curls with setting hairspray.

Soft curved bob

Often sported by the likes of Anna Wintour, Rihanna, Kourtney Kardashian, and Karlie Kloss, a bob is a simple but understated hairstyle that is low-maintenance and doesn’t require much effort.

But if you want a bob with character, then the soft curved bob is your best bet. It’s one of the perfect hairstyles for 2023, and it’s a good hairstyle for your work/office look and works well for formal occasions and events. Plus, it’s easy and simple to style.

Wispy bangs

One of the trendiest 2023 hairstyles you should definitely try out! Give your favorite hairstyle a refresh by creating some wispy bangs. Wispy bangs are soft and light fringes that are low-maintenance and easy to create and style but still look really good and are perfect for summer styles and tresses. Style this hairstyle as part of a casual look.

Sharp shoulder cut

Also known as the long bob or ‘lob’, this super sleek hairstyle is a cross between a bob and long hair with ‘sharp’ and straight ends. This style takes a classic bob and turns it into a modern lob – making it very trendy!

Use this lob to your advantage and make the most of it for many occasions. It’s an adaptable hairstyle that will go with any look, but you will get the most out of it as part of your fall hairstyles and winter hairstyles repertoire. The sharp shoulder cut is a stylish hairstyle for the workplace and formal evening events.

Alternatively, if you don’t want a straight hairstyle, opt in for a textured lob.

Curly pixie cut

Who says pixie cuts have to be straight or wavy? They can be curly too!

Pixie cuts have always been popular thanks to celebrities such as Halle Berry, Carey Mulligan, and Emma Watson. But in 2023, the curly pixie cut is in and will be all the rage. It’s the right hairstyle to select if you have short hair or are planning on a big chop. It’s suitable for formal daytime sessions, such as meetings and events, and it’s great for a date if you’re going for an elegant look.

Plus, you don’t need to put so much time and effort as your curly pixie cut will be easy to beautify. So, if you’re looking to opt out of long hairstyles but want something cute and classy, the curly pixie cut is the choice for you. If you want a classic look, the straight pixie cut is the one. And if you’re going for the 1920s ‘Great Gatsby’ vibe, try the wavy pixie cut.

What’s your top hairstyle for 2023? What are your favorite 2023 hairstyles?