Somone is getting a jade facial roller treatment.

Perks to Using Facial Rollers

How Face Rollers can Imrpove Your Skin

Recently, one of the most talked about topics has been facial rollers! This is a perfect gift idea for true skincare lovers. Not too sure what a facial roller is? Keep on reading and find out about the perks of a facial roller and if you need one.

What is a Facial Roller?

A facial roller is an item that was popular back in 17 century China. Not too long ago, this item was brought back to the makeup and skincare scene thanks to the New York facialist, Ling Chan. Ling expressed the importance of using a roller for your skin in several interviews. According to her, this item can draw out any negative energy, help with puffiness, dark circles, bags under the eyes and wrinkles. It will also help improve circulation. Faster and healthier blood flow means healthier skin.

How Do You Use a Facial Roller?

Every beauty guru, as well as a YouTube makeup artist and Instagram makeup influencer, has tried out this product. For almost every single one of them, a facial roller feels amazing once pressed against the skin. This is because the jade stone (which is its main element) feels cooling and calming once pushed into the skin. Once pressed, roll it back and forth against your face while applying minimal pressure. Your skin will receive a gentle massage. Five minutes later, you will look a lot more radiant and you will not experience any swelling.

Also, if you want to experience a spa moment, we recommend storing your facial roller in a fridge overnight. Once you place it on top of your skin in the morning, the cooling sensation will feel soothing, as if you were getting a professional facial.

Top Three Perks of Using a Facial Roller

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The back and forth motions act as a lymphatic drainage massage. If you tend to wake up swollen or irritated, a roller will help with any excess fluid that may be stuck in your skin. After massaging your face, your skin will drain away these fluids through the lymph nodes. This facial roller will remove any swelling around your mouth, nose, jawline, ears, neck, as well as underneath your chin. Some skincare experts even believe that you can achieve a slim figure around these features if you stick to regular use.


Since massaging your skin increases blood flow and circulation, you are allowing your skin to rejuvenate and restore on its own. You will successfully reduce any fine lines as well as smaller wrinkles with the regular use of a facial roller. Just make sure you clean your facial roller after each use so that you can end up with better results. Also, a clean roller is a must as it will prevent you from spreading bacteria or dirt over your face.

Better Absorption

By promoting healthy blood flow and boosting your circulation, you are also pushing all your skincare products deep into the layers of your skin. Your creams, serums, masks and toners will easily sink in and will work a lot faster than before. If you need immediate results, facial rollers will help you with your end goal.

Are There Different Kinds of Facial Rollers?

Nowadays many skincare companies are coming with simple and traditional ancient rollers, while others are taking things up a notch and are going for massages that can pinch or even shave your skin. However, the most talked about kinds, are these three:

Jade Rollers

Jade is a green stone that resembles happiness in Chinese medicine. It is used to eliminate any negativity and is great for encouraging calmness and balance.

Rose Quartz Rollers

A rose quartz roller is considered to be a beautiful pink love stone. It helps to nourish the skin and gets rid of bad energy. For most aestheticians, it is considered and used to improve blood circulation.

Amethyst Rollers

This is a newer kind in the skincare industry which is loved by the Kardashians. It is a crystal that helps with hormonal balance, stress inflammations and can bring a sense of serenity.

You can choose your facial roller based on their meanings, their true power, or colors. This choice is totally up to you.

Pros and Cons of Using a Facial Roller


  • Great for boosting blood circulation
  • Helps with swollen skin
  • Can reduce puffiness
  • Can make your face leaner
  • Helps with jawline, chin, face and under-eye swelling
  • Inexpensive
  • Has a healing properties
  • Feels amazing once cooled down in a fridge


  • May irritate those with sensitive skin
  • Not for you if you have severe discoloration or acne

Time to Roll it Up

In conclusion, facial rollers may be fun items to play with. They can do wonders for radiant and puffy skin, but they may not be your go-to if you have severe irritation, acne, or discoloration. For women who need professional help – dermatologists will do the work. Those who need a quick pampering session, on the other hand, will love jade rollers!