Black fake eyelashes against white cotton pads.

Get Rid of the Glue, Try Magnetic Lashes!

How to Apply Magnetic Lashes

Interested in learning a bit more about magnetic lashes? There are newer lashes on the market that women love to wear due to their easy and unique application. They are also feminine, durable and long-lasting. Find out how to apply magnetic lashes so you can get the ultimate beauty look. Read on!

What Are Magnetic Lashes?

Magnetic eyelashes are artificial lashes that are applied on top of your natural ones. They are applied on top of your eyelid, but also underneath your natural lashes.

The whole point is for the magnet to hold your lash in place on its own. This means that you will not have to use any lash glue, tweezers, or even mascara! Magnetic lashes have two to four small magnets that are practical, which keep your lashes on top of your eyelid. The application is a bit weird and hard to get used to when compared to glue-on lashes, but once mastered, you will love the process.

How Are They Different When Compared to Glue-On Lashes?

Speaking of glue-on lashes, you should know that they are quite different in their application. Glue-on lashes are made with the same material as magnetics (the lash itself is often human hair or faux mink), but the end is different.

Magnetic lashes have magnets on their strip while your glue-on lashes have a thin strip that is easy to bend and move around. You should use a pair of lash tweezers when applying falsies. Aside from that, you will also need either a clear or black lash glue. To set the lash in place you will need to run a few coats of mascara through them. With magnetics, this step is unnecessary.

Who Should Wear Magnetic Lashes?

Magnetic eyelashes are usually worn by younger women who love to follow new trends on TikTok and Instagram. This makeup trend suits everyone. However, it is the best go-to for you if you are:

  • Clumsy when it comes to your application and you dislike using tweezers and glue
  • Looking to try out new looks
  • Allergic to the glue or some other components of your falsies

With magnetic lashes, chances are you will not experience irritated eyelids or any type of allergy.

When Did Magnetic Lashes Become Popular?

The first model ever was created in 2014. This magnetic eyelash was created by Katy Stoka, and it was called the One Two Lash. However, magnetic lashes became highly talked about only three to four years later. It did take some time for them to gain popularity, but thanks to social media and loads of different networks, they became loved and sold in every drugstore worldwide.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Magnetic Lashes?

When it comes to their pros and cons, you should know that every beauty item has some good and bad features. The pros of magnetic lashes are:

  • They are unique and interesting
  • Great for women who love new trends
  • Great for teens and mature women
  • Come in different lengths and colors
  • Great for you if you are clumsy when it comes to application
  • Great for you if you are prone to irritation or allergies when it comes to lash glue
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Super easy to apply
  • Long-lasting

The cons, on the other hand, are:

  • They are a bit tricky to apply at first
  • Not as many different styles
  • Mostly sold online
  • A bit pricier (but tend to last the longest)

Best Magnetic Lashes for You to Purchase

1. Glamnetic

Glamnetic lashes are some of the most known and popular ones on the market. They are often advertised through loads of different Instagram ads. They were founded by Anna McFerran, who is an artist and entrepreneur from Los Angeles.

2. One Two Lash

One Two Lash is a brand that started this whole trend. They have loads of different and beautiful lashes to offer, but these do come at a hefty price point.

3. Kiss

For women who are on a budget, Kiss is the best go-to brand. This is a Korean-American company that is based in New York, and their products are available in loads of beauty stores.

4. Ardell

Ardell’s wispy lashes are some of the best-known lashes in the world! These are super affordable and they are lightweight, which makes them perfect to wear by women who prefer natural eyelashes for everyday wear.

5. Eylure

Last, but not least, you can go for Eylure. The brand is affordable and offers a huge variety of stunning lashes. This is a U.K. brand that has been around since 2012, while their magnetic lashes came out in 2016.

Ready to Try Out Some New Lashes?

So, are you ready to test out these magnetic lashes? They are gorgeous, sturdy, as well as feminine. Once you get the hang of them and you get used to the application, you will enjoy their long-lasting power for the entire day!