Strengthen nails with these nail care tips.

How to Get Strong, Healthy, Beautiful Nails

Your Guide To Healthy, Beautiful Nails

Develop a simple routine for healthy nail care to get strong, beautiful nails. Far too many people forget about these nail care tips, neglect their nails and end up with unsightly and even unhealthy nails.

If you want your nails to shine as brightly as your personality, you need to give them some tender loving care.

Remove Polish

The first step of your nail care routine should be removing any cracked or chipped polish. Even if you have unpolished nails, you should give them a quick wipe with nail polish remover. This helps remove any oily residue that might be present on your nail. Removing this oil will make your manicure or pedicure last longer since the polish will adhere better to the nail.

Some nail polish removers use harsh chemicals, but more natural alternatives are available.

Trim and File

The next step of your nail routine should be trimming and filing the nails neatly. If you let your nails grow too long, they are more likely to break. Keep your nails trimmed to a uniform length.

When you file your nails, use a clean file and only file in one direction. Do not drag the file back and forth across the nail like a saw—this weakens and damages the tip of the nail. File your nail into a crescent shape. A square-shaped nail snags easily, and nearly everyone knows how uncomfortable a hangnail can be. Trim and file your nails each week to keep them looking great.

Cuticle Care

If you have cracked or dry cuticles, you should let them soak in a gentle solution of soap and water until they soften. Then, use an orange stick to gently push your cuticles back.

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If you decide to trim the skin around your nail with manicure scissors, you must be careful. The area of skin around the nail is delicate and you might accidentally nick yourself.


This is one of the most obvious nail care tips, but one very important step of healthy nail care is moisturizing. After your polish dries completely, make sure you moisturize your hands, focusing on the area of skin around the nail.

If you moisturize your hands before applying polish, remember to give the nails a quick swipe with nail polish remover. Moisturizing is especially crucial in the winter months, or if you live in a dry climate.

Polish Protects

Although many people worry that nail polish harms the nail, it is actually beneficial. A coat of nail polish protects the nail, and a polished nail is less likely to break. If you do not want your nails to stand out, use a neutral shade or a clear coat designed specifically for protection.

Trying out new colors of nail polish can be exciting, but with bright colors you will need to watch out for chips. If the nail polish chips, you will need to remove the polish on that nail completely. Adding more polish to a chipped nail gives your nails an uneven and unsightly appearance.

To avoid chips, use a top coat and allow your nails to dry thoroughly. You can extend the life of your manicure even further if you protect your hands by wearing gloves for manual activities like washing dishes or gardening.

Consider Supplements

If you have followed these nail care tips and are still unhappy with the way your nails look, ask your doctor about a biotin supplement. Biotin is a form of vitamin B and is often helpful for treating and preventing brittle nails.